Multiple Teams · High Flying Bulldogs stay undefeated in district play by a step, remain alone in first place!

The High Flying Bulldogs came into Wednesday nights game against on top of District 7-5A standings, missing several players, the Bulldogs pulled off a late comeback and were a step away from losing their first district game. The Bulldogs, after a thirty minute delay, came out of the locker room with a slow start and trailed 15-9 to Southwest after the first quarter. They got their legs underneath them and gained a five point lead going into half at 22-17. They held that lead as the teams went back and forth with baskets and the Bulldogs maintained their five point lead heading into the fourth quarter. That’s when the game got fun, the Southwest Raiders took the lead and things did not look good for the Bulldogs remaining undefeated. After a couple missed free throws that could have tied up the game for the Bulldogs, they had a steal as the Raiders tried to advance the ball upcourt and found themselves on the free throw line again but this time they made them count to take the lead. With a little over three seconds left the Raiders called a time out to draw up a play. The Raiders threw the ball into an open player on the sideline who dribbled and threw it up the court to a teammate who nailed a long three which would have given them the lead with 1.7 seconds left. However the shot was waved off as the player up the court had stepped out of bounds. By a few inches, the High Flying Bulldogs remain undefeated with a 38-36 win and are getting prepared to take on Arlington Heights in the late game at BFH Friday night as the Lady Bulldogs game against Arlington Heights was moved there and that tip-off is at 5:00pm. Congrats Bulldogs on a great win!

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