Multiple Teams · Jhyrah Cobb and Alexus Seaton (A. Heights) honored as McD’s All-American Nominees, both Bulldog basketball teams win to remain undefeated in district play. Pictures of both game in article.

Both the Bulldog basketball teams took the court and Billingsley Field House against Arlington Heights Friday night and both looked to remain undefeated in district play. Both managed to do that taking commanding leads in clinching the number one seed in district 7-5A with just a few games remaining.

The Lady Bulldogs were on the court first and took a 16-9 lead into the second quarter and would never let go of that lead as they look to be the District Champs of 7-5A with a 78-35 victory. If I get individual stats I will add those in at when I get them. The Lady Bulldogs have two games left in the regular season as they travel to OD Wyatt this Tuesday then return home February 3rd to close out the regular season against Western Hills on Senior Night.

During halftime of the Lady Bulldogs game, two young ladies were honored. Jhyrah Cobb and Alexus Seaton of Arlington Heights were honored as McDonald All-American Nominees and were present their certificates by the Director of Athletics Dr. Lisa Langston. Alexus was also honored for surpassing the one thousand point mark in her high school career. Jhyrah has signed a letter of intent to continue her career at Prairie View A&M, while Alexus intends to continue her career at UC Irvine. Best wishes to these to young lady’s in their future endeavors.

The High Flying Bulldogs came out and took a 17-8 lead after the first quarter, Heights didn’t stop fighting as they took the second quarter 18-13 to close the gap to five points but that is close as the gap would get. The Bulldogs went on to win 53-45 with two weeks to go in the regular season. The High Flying Bulldogs have the following games left: Feb 1st at BFH against OD Wyatt 7:30, Feb 3rd at WGAC against Western Hills 8:00, Feb 8th at BFH BFH 7:30, Feb 10th at BFH against YMLA 5:00, and finishes off with a game Feb 14th at BFH against Northside 5:00.

Come out and support our Bulldogs and they look to clinch District Titles and get prepared for the play-offs and another run for both of them to the Regional Tournament!

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