Multiple Teams · Girls basketball wins close game (pictures included), boys/girls basketball play-off games set for next round!


The Lady Bulldogs got away with a one point victory over Denison 44-43 in the area round of play-offs. Denison battled the entire game with a very young squad that had no seniors on the court, Trimble Tech wishes them the best next year as they will be a team to keep an eye on next year. The Lady Bulldogs (28-7) will now face Colleyville Heritage (28-6) in the quarterfinal round of the play-offs Tuesday, February 21st, at Arlington High School at 7:00 pm. Pictures of the Denison game will be posted in this article after the information about the boys team.

Boys BBB

The High Flying Bulldogs are also getting ready for their own play-off run as District 7-5A Champions. The Bulldogs (20-9) will also be taking the court Tuesday, February 21st, at ┬áThomas Coliseum in Haltom City against NRH Richland (16-13) at 6:00 pm. Come on out to Haltom City and watch the first half of the boys game before heading out to Arlington High School and watch the second half of the girls game. Let’s go Bulldogs!

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