Multiple Teams · Lady Bulldogs season ends against strong Colleyville Heritage team (pics included), High Flying Bulldogs win and advance to play Chisholm Trail Friday.


After a slow start, the High Flying Bulldogs found themselves tied at 24-24 at halftime with Richland in the Bi-district round of the play-offs. The Bulldogs made some adjustments and outscored Richland by fourteen in the second half for a 60-46 victory.

“It’s kind of like boxing. You’re kind of feeling out the other team, and then you go in at halftime and make your adjustments. For us, we feed off seeing the ball go through the net, that that turns our defense up. We got a few baskets, we put in a few baskets, we put in a few from the outside, and that turned up the defense. When that happens, that’s when the flood gates open up.” Tech Coach Wendell Ivory said.

The Bulldogs will now face Chisholm Trail who hold a record of 25-5 at Richland High School Friday night, February 24th, at 7:00 pm.

Richland High School
5201 Holiday Ln E,
North Richland Hills, TX, 76180


The Lady Bulldogs had a great run this season but ran into a very good Colleyville Heritage team that had a lot more experience on the floor with five seniors compared to Tech’s one in Jhyrah Cobb. Their experience showed as their lead throughout the game to an eventual 59-38 victory for the Lady Panthers who are now off to Snyder where they will face Amarillo. The Lady Bulldogs wish them the best in the rest of the play-offs.

The Lady Bulldogs obviously wanted to make another trip back to Snyder but it was not meant to be. The Lady Bulldogs have a very bright future with everybody coming back to a great roster minus Jhyrah Cobb who will continue her career at Prairie View A&M. Congrats to Coach Robertson and team on a wonderful season. We are expecting another long play-off run next year.

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