Multiple Teams · Tech bats get hot over Spring Break, look to carry that momentum on through district. SB vs SW/9th BSB vs SH game pics included.

Tuesday afternoon while most of the Trimble Tech student body was enjoying their Spring Break, the softball team and baseball team were taking care of business in district play. The baseball team had a walk-off 3-2 victory of South Hills while the freshmen baseball team is taking the field as I write this to take on South Hills in a double header at 11:00 and 1:00 while our JV is down at South Hills set to play at the same times. The varsity team then takes the field at Anna Friday evening at 6:00 pm in a non-district match up. They then return to District play Tuesday at Northside then they return home to Yovani Gallardo Field March 24th against Southwest.

Softball however got a 8-6 win over Southwest and are now enjoying their Spring Break before they return to play Tuesday at Arlington Heights then return home Friday March 24th to face OD Wyatt. They are on the road the following week at Western Hills and South Hills so come on out and support our Bulldogs on the 24th and catch a little softball and baseball on the same night.

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