Multiple Teams · Update: Game vs Heights MOVED TO HEIGHTS Tuesday (3/28/17) for a big game against Arlington Heights and support the Bulldogs! Southwest pictures included.

The Trimble Tech Baseball Team is asking for everybody come on out to the Yovani Gallardo Baseball Field Tuesday (3/28/17) at 7:00 pm for a big game against Arlington Heights to see who the inside track at the district championship. Currently both teams are tied at first place. We ask everybody come on out and cheer on our Bulldogs!

The Bulldogs are currently 9-8 and 3-0 in district with a recent run rule victory of Southwest, pictures posted below. They are currently tied with Arlington Heights for the district championship, which is the goal of this years team. The offense started to click just as district play started, everybody in the line-up is getting hits in a timely fashion. The defense is doing really well and pitching is finding its zone. And with everybody over some bumps and bruises Coach Reid is looking forward to the good play to continue. Help the team reach their goal of a district championship by cheering them on Tuesday night.

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