Multiple Teams · The Bulldog Baseball Team looks to finish up second half of their district schedule strong as majority of their games are on the road. OD Wyatt pics included.

The Trimble Tech Baseball Team set out this year with the goal of winning a district championship. That goal is still in reach after beating OD Wyatt, the Bulldogs are still in second place behind Arlington Heights. They took Arlington Heights to eleven innings and lost a hard fought battle. They have a rematch on April 21st with Heights. Of the remaining eight games left in the season, the Bulldogs have only two home games left. Those games are Thursday April 13th against Northside and Senior Night on Friday April 28th against Western Hills. Their games left on the road are: April 4th at Western Hills, April 7th at South Hills, April 18th at Southwest, April 21st  at Heights, April 22nd at Nolan (Non District), April 25th at OD Wyatt. If you can, the Bulldogs would like all the support they can get trying to accomplish this years goal of a district championship.

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