Multiple Teams · Lady Bulldogs take a bite out of the Everman Bulldogs, sweeping them out of their gym Tuesday night in three games. Pictures of the games included.

With the Lady Bulldogs getting ready for the first of district play Friday, the Lady Bulldogs faced a tall challenge as the Everman Bulldogs came to Tech Tuesday evening. With two of Everman’s players being over six foot, the Lady Bulldogs had to get around tall blocks and impressive attacks. They got the job done winning 25-22, 25-12, and 25-22. The Lady Bulldogs now focus on Friday when they travel to South Hills to open up district play. Varsity will be playing at 5:45 with the sub-varsity teams playing after them. Saturday both sub-varsity teams will be in tournament play before all of the teams will be back at Tech on Tuesday to host YWLA. Please come out and support the Lady Bulldogs as they start the march through district play.

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