Multiple Teams · The Lady Bulldogs sweeps Arlington Heights out of their gym, take lead in district standings nearing half way point, looking to win championship! Pictures of game included.

The Lady Bulldogs have been on a roll since early September, after a loss to Red Oak on September 1st, the have not lost a set going 6-0. Beating Everman before entering district playing and rolling off 18 straight set wins to include Friday nights 25-15, 25-17, and 25-21 match victory over Arlington Heights to improve to a perfect 5-0 district record. The Lady Bulldogs travel to OD Wyatt September 26th before returning to Tech on Friday September 29th to host Western Hills to finish off the first half of district play.

Remaining home games:
9/29 vs Western Hills
10/3 vs South Hills
10/13 vs Southwest
10/20 vs OD Wyatt

Remaining road games:
9/26 at OD Wyatt
10/6 at YWLA
10/10 at Northside
10/17 at A Heights
10/24 W Hills

Please congratulate Coach Rudolf, Coach Prince, Coach Eskridge, and all the girls when you see them. And please come out and support our Lady Bulldogs the rest of the season as the look not only to get into the play-offs as District Champs but get a play-off victory this year! Congratulations Lady Bulldogs, Tech is proud of you, keep up the great work!

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