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Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Bulldogs have little left in the tank after last weeks big game, YMLA came out and played the better game winning 44-15. Pictures included.

The Bulldogs came out of last week with their heads held high after taking last years district champs to overtime before losing a close game. This week, it wasn’t as close as Young Men’s Leadership had a great game plan and executed perfectly coming away with the 44-15 victory. Both teams had 59 total plays but YMLA had eight more first downs. The Bulldogs did not get on the scoreboard until the third quarter and which point the Cats had built of quite the lead. The Bulldogs took advantage of several penalties and got on the scoreboard again in the fourth quarter but it was not enough as they lost 44-15. The Bulldogs would like to wish YMLA good luck the rest of the season. The Bulldogs now need to regroup as they face Northside October 12th at Farrington Field. Both teams are 0-2 in district, so both teams are looking to get things going to hopefully make the hard road to the play-offs at this point. Come out and cheer on the Bulldogs and getting things going in the right direction.

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