Multiple Teams · Nothing can stop the Tech Volleyball Team from writing their own story in history but themselves, it’s simple, win and they are district champs! Three games left, pictures from Southwest in story.

Volleyball practice started all the way back on August 1st, and before that, after last years play-off loss Coach Rudolf set a goal for her team. That goal was not only to make it to play-offs but get a victory in the play-offs. I don’t think even Coach Rudolf could have imagined where her team is sitting right now. With just three games left in the regular season, the volleyball team controls their own fate. Not only are they currently undefeated in district play and are coming close to wrapping up a District Championship, they are currently nine sets away from the PERFECT district season. They have not lost a set since district play has started, not sure, but don’t know if that has ever been done in district play. They travel to Arlington Heights Tuesday with varsity set to tip at 6:45, they then return to Tech on October 20th against OD Wyatt with varsity play at 5:45, then travel to Western Hills on Tuesday October 24th for their final match of the season. Their play-off game has yet to be determined but will be played on either October 30th or 31st pending who the opponent will be. Come on out to their remaining three games and cheer them on to the District Championship and hopefully a perfect district season!

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