Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Bulldogs finish season with a “W” and celebrate Homecoming, look forward to next year. Pictures from the game included.

After a promising start to district play, an overtime loss to District Champs South Hills, the Bulldogs were right there in several games but could never finish things off. The Bulldogs got the 34-23 victory over Western Hills in the final game of the season to celebrate Homecoming and finish the season with a 4-6 and 2-5 district record. The Bulldogs are saying good-bye to thirteen seniors including their QB Vince Burton, however there are several young QB’s coming up that show great potential to lead the Bulldogs next season. A couple stats from this year: Vince Burton threw for 1435 yards while Everly ran for 853 yards and Brawner ran for 424 yards. While Woodard lead the way in receiving yards with 537. On the defense side of the ball, Williams had three sacks and Tidwell lead the way with five interceptions. Trimble Tech finish with 156.4 receiving yards per game, 194.3 yards per game, 37 total TD’s, and 58.9 tackles per game which according to Max Preps are all above the national average. Even though the Bulldogs did not make the play-offs those stats are nothing to hang their heads about.

Trimble Tech would also like and congratulate all those who participated in the Homecoming Courts. Along with participating, those students helped raise over $1,000 which will go to United Way. Again congratulations to all those who participated in the Courts and all those who made Homecoming Week a great time!

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