Bulldogs News · At the half way point, the High Flying Bulldogs are in second place. Look towards the OD Wyatt game to share the district title. Sub-varsity pictures of YMLA games included.

The High Flying Bulldogs have reached the half way point in district play and only have a 56-55 overtime loss to OD Wyatt keeping them currently in second place. The Bulldogs had close games against Southwest likewise against YMLA before opening up a second half lead. The remaining Bulldogs schedule is as follows:

1/23 vs Northside at BFH 7:30 pm
1/26 at Southwest at WGAC 8:00 pm
1/31 vs Arlington Heights at WGAC 7:30 pm
2/2 at OD Wyatt at WGAC 8:00 pm
2/6 vs Western Hills at BFH 6:00 pm
2/9 vs South Hills at BFH 5:00 pm
2/13 vs YMLA at BFH 6:30 pm

Please come out and cheer on our Bulldogs in the second half of district play so they can wrap up a share of District 7-5A Championship as they get ready for a play-off run.

Here are pictures taken during the sub-varsity games against YMLA. My apologies about not having pictures from the varsity boys games, if anybody has some they would like to share please let me know and I will get them posted.