Bulldogs News · Lady Bulldogs one win away from 7-5A Dist. Championship, High Flying Bulldogs have to refocus after OT loss to important OD Wyatt game Friday. Pictures of both girls/boys games included.

After defeating Arlington Heights at WGAC Wednesday night, the Lady Bulldogs can wrap up the 7-5A District Championship in back to back seasons with a win Friday night at home against OD Wyatt with one game left at Western Hills after that. The Lady Bulldogs would then wait to see who they would match up against in the Bi-District round of the play-offs. The Lady Bulldogs are looking to return to the Regional Tournament this year as they have not reached that far in the play-offs the past couple of years.

The High Flying Bulldogs after a last second shot overtime loss to Arlington Heights, the Bulldogs have to look forward to Friday and a very important game Friday. They are set to take on OD Wyatt Friday at WGAC at 8:00 pm. If the Bulldogs lose that game, then slip up in another game with Western Hills, South Hills, and YMLA they could potentially be playing Heights again for second/third place seating in district 7-5A. Come on out Friday night to support either team, Lady Bulldogs here at Tech or the High Flying Bulldogs at WGAC.