Bulldogs News · Trimble Tech may not be 6A in numbers but is more than 6A in heart and determination. We will carry on as we always do putting the best foot forward!

Back in 2004, I was looking for a job coming from a small west Texas town with a very small school and I landed at a very large inner city school not knowing fully what I had gotten myself into. Since then I have gained family, friends, daughters/sons, and a lifetime of great memories. The one thing I learned early was that Trimble Tech is not an athletic power house. With that being said, we have had our success stories. The UIL is the governing body for high school athletics in the state of Texas and enforces rules to make the playing field as equal as possible. Realignment was recently released by the UIL for the 2018-2020 school years and Trimble Tech has been placed in District 4-6A. 6A classification is set for the largest schools in the state often fielding numerous teams throughout all of their sports. If we were to go by just the numbers Trimble Tech should fall under 5A division 2, which is the lower end of the 5A classification as per our enrollment. So, those unfamiliar with the process would be asking then why are we facing schools that are 6A? There is a rule in place, that was put into effect with the Prime Time Academy which was a school set up for the strict purpose of having the best athletes come play sports for their school, an athletic magnet school so to speak. To try and prevent future academies like this, the UIL stated that any application school would have to play at the largest classification of school within their area/district. For Trimble Tech, Young Men’s/Women’s Leadership Academies that means we land in the 6A classification which Paschal is in. YMLA has since dropped their football program for next year. The rule when it was put in place was the right decision to be made, but if the UIL were to take a good look at the rule and what truly is the heart and soul of Trimble Tech, they would see that we belong in 5A Div 2 as the rule does not apply to Trimble Tech.

As I know, the UIL is busy and unlikely to take our open door invite, so I’ll tell you a little bit about just what Trimble Tech is. We are a technical school in which our students can select majors and upon graduation can have certifications which they can take into the real world and get jobs without having to go on to college if they so choose. Majors to name a few: Health Science Technology, auto collision repair, electrical, construction, cosmetology, audio visual, photography, business, fashion and design, culinary, and welding. In those majors, there are numerous different paths our students can take to get numerous different certifications and different scholarships and awards. Trimble Tech is also the only school in Fort Worth ISD that participates in the National Speech and Debate Association and competes quite well on a regular basis. While focusing on their majors we do in fact have students who participate in athletics.

Jazmin Martinez came to Tech and was part of the culinary program and recently advanced to the State Wrestling Tournament and placed 5th in State in her weight division. Jazmin didn’t even start to wrestle until I believe she was a junior. The two girls that Jazmin lost to  at the state tournament had a combined match record of 56-6, for someone who came to Tech to learn how to cook, 5th best is state isn’t too bad for wrestling for just two years! Congratulations to Jazmin, Coach Homer, and Coach OJ on a great season!

Mikayla Wilson is an amazing young lady who is majoring in Audio Visual who plans to go on to college and major in astronomy/astrophysics. She has been a part of the softball team for the past four years but missed a game this week because she was at a scholarship dinner for a full ride to TCU. She will be going through the final interviews for that later this week. She is also this year’s recipient of the Davey O’Brien Scholarship/Award which comes with a $30,000 scholarship. Mikayla was selected from six finalists out of 100’s of applicants and she is a deserving recipient.

One of Trimble Tech’s greater known athletic alumni would be Yovani Gallardo who was drafted in the second round out of high school and has pitched for several Major League Baseball teams to include the Texas Rangers and he is pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers this year. I recently did a story on Yovani and his wife Patricia who are both Trimble Tech Alumni. Yovani, when he was here at Tech also played soccer and wrestled while he was part of the Spanish Club and several other organizations. He has his education from Tech to fall back on after he retires from an amazing MLB career having been an All Star and pitching for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

Recently Trimble Tech sent several groups to Waco for Skills competition and Trimble Tech showed very well and has numerous kids going on to compete at the State Competition. In welding, among the awards were two best in show, one being for outdoor furniture as well as cooking pits, along with a first place for a go-cart that was fabricated and built. Congrats to all of these students as well as Kirby Hicks on a job well done!

Family Career and Community Leaders of America is sending thirteen to state competition in April. Those moving forward are: Isaura Tovar and Elisabeth Ramires with 2nd place in Food Innovations; Jazmine Campos and Daniela Del Rio with 2nd place in Entrepreneurship Junior; Rayven Barnaba, Alexandra Gonzalez, Miriam Perez with 2nd place in Entrepreneurship Occupational; Anna Loera, Julianna Nava, Orlando Palacios with 2nd place in Applied Math for Culinary Arts; Bryan Lopez with 5th place in Serving Up Success Occupational; and Adrian Ornelas and Jennifer Hernandez with 2nd place in Sport Nutrition Occupational. A great job to all of these students and well as Chef Bruton and Chef Kurima.

The print shop is sending five to state competition with the following winners: Kassandra Soria with 2nd place in Graphic Communications Sublimation; Daniela Sornia 1st place and Marcela Vasquez with 2nd place in Screen Printing Technology; Denice Murillo with 1st place and Adrian Mendez with 2nd place in Desktop publishing. No pictures available but congratulations to these kids as well as Ms. Rosales.


In Auto Collision Joaquin Castaneda took gold and Jose Corona with Bronze in Collision Repair Technology; Team A with Gold in Auto Collision Estimation; and Antonio Resendiz with Gold in Automotive Refinishing Technology.

Brian Skates and his Construction TeamWorks crews took second and third in the District 4 SkillsUSA contest. The second place crew consisted of Leonardo Mata, Ivan Garcia, Adrian Ortiz, and Ruben Torres while the third place crew consisted of Manual Melgar, Anthony Mata, Nathan Gaitan,  and Mauricio Sanchez. Likewise Mr. Cope and the Electrical Technology students came home with: Sacramento Munoz with Gold in Residential wiring, Jonatan Rodriguez with Gold in Motor Controls, Brianna Thomas with Bold in NEC Test, Crystal Hernandez with Gold in Residential Systems, Ruben Torres and Ortiz with Silver in Team Works, and Jonathan Contreras with Silver in Motor Controls. Congratulations to all of these students as they head on to compete at the State level.

In advertising design under the direction of Ms. Powell, Blake Hensley won gold in T-Shirt design and Ariana Hernandez won Gold in Advertising Design while Brenda Ramirez won Bronze. So Congratulations to these students as well.

These students are just a very small sample of the great things going on inside of Trimble Tech; this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Students come here to better themselves and prepare themselves for careers upon their graduation. Yes some of our students are athletes as well, but athletics isn’t the reason our students come to Trimble Tech. The captain of our boys soccer team, the libero of our volleyball team, and the starting pitcher of our softball team are all part of a group under the guidance of Ms. Rodriguez who have opened a school store that opens up before school and during lunch completely run by the students selling Trimble Tech gear.

So you see, we are not out recruiting top notch athletes to come to Trimble Tech, we are accepting students who want to expand their horizons. Again this is just a small glimpse of some of our programs that have students wanting to come to Trimble Tech on their own. That is why every year there is a long waiting list of students to get in. We have gone through the processes to appeal and those requests have been denied. So our students, who also compete athletically will be out there representing Trimble Tech to the best of their ability. We might only be able to put together two football teams while some of the schools we are playing will have five with plenty of substitutes to go around.  So yes, while we are application and the rule applies, the rule needs to be looked at again and changed. Our students deserve to participate in athletics just as much as any other high school students on a level playing ground. Here at Trimble Tech, our students have a saying “I be a Bulldog, who be you?” and although for the next couple years we may be the smallest dog in the fight, we will have the biggest heart! Should this article get to any of the people who make the decisions and those that look and possibly can change the rules at the UIL level, if you are ever in Fort Worth please swing on by Trimble Tech. We will give you a tour and show you the great students who are capable of going straight into the real world and being part of the working force.