Bulldogs News · April/May Tech Alumni Watch – rising culinary star Camron Sanders

So, often times, especially in the spring time when things are really busy being an athletic trainer you look up and you realize we are half way through the month of April and there isn’t a lot of time left in the school year. Part of that is getting ready to be classified at a 6A High School and with that I figured I would spot light a young rising star that came from our culinary program. Camron Sanders is our April/May Tech Alumni Watch. As he is up in Boston, my schedule is a bit crazy still and Chef Bruton is still catering events I sent the same questions to each of them and below are the answers. Kicker being one doesn’t know how the other has responded. With that I give you Camron Sanders, and send him nothing but the best in reaching the rest of goals and dreams! Trimble Tech is proud of you sir!

What year did you graduate from Tech?


Why did you choose the culinary program?

I love cooking and I wanted people to experience the magic that I could create.

Was there ever a moment when you thought you choose the wrong program?

Never a doubt in my mind , I knew that the culinary program was perfect for me.

What was the moment when it occurred to you that this was what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?

It was the first year of the Fit Worth competition , my team and I won first place in the breakfast category. We created a play on Eggs Benedict for that competition. It was eggciting.

What was your favorite memory in the kitchen at Trimble Tech?

Everyday was wonderful and exciting ,but my favorite memory is when we came in for the summer to help redecorate the class room.

If you are willing to share, what were some of the obstacles that you had to overcome to get through  high school? Where there moments that you thought you weren’t going to wind up doing anything? How did you get past all of that?

 High School is a place where teenagers start to find themselves and figure out what comes next after high school. Many times I found myself utterly shattered to pieces because I was not that great in math and science. Its not easy for everyone  to automatically get it the first time around. I even had to repeat algebra 2. On top of that, the constant bullying of other peers during that time for me was unbearable. My living situation was also unstable during my first two years as well. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my culinary family and my three best friends (Stephanie Nunez, Miguel Martinez and Lisandro Andrede) I don’t know what I would have done. I tried to stay positive and kept my head up high. I knew I had goal I wanted to achieve and the only way to do that was to keep moving forward.

How was it having Chef Bruton (Camron) encourage/push you/yell at you through your high school career?

Chef Bruton is one of the most caring and most wonderful woman I have met during my time at Trimble Tech.  I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for her.  I used to be shy, quiet, and wasn’t really confident talking in front of people. When I met chef, that changed quickly. At first I thought she was crazy and she is. She wanted use to succeed no matter what, and I did.

Chef Bruton said the following about Camron.

 Hell but fun!  Like when him and Randy were arguing about something in the kitchen-I told them I was going to make them hold hands and skip up and down the hallways together if they couldn’t be nice… well they couldn’t be nice so being a woman true to my word-I have a short video of them skipping down the hallway holding hands saying “we love each other, we rely on each other, we are family”.  Priceless!

What advice would you give any current students who might have a tough path and want to reach their dreams?

To all the current Tech student never give up on your dreams. Its okay to try new things and get out there. Also remember there is always someone willing to help you if your willing to put in the hard work.

Chef Bruton added

Find someone-a teacher, a mentor- that will help you push past all obstacles to make your dream come true! Its not easy, but it is easier when you have someone in your corner as your cheerleader! 

If you could tell anything to Chef Bruton and your other teachers back at Tech what would that be?

 To Chef B and all other Tech staff members, thank you for everything you’ve done . I am proud to be Tech alumni #Class of15.  

Where are you now? What are you up to?

I’m currently in Boston , Massachusetts working at Island Creek Oyster Bar. I’ve recently been promoted and now working fish 2 (saute station).

What is the best thing you have ever eaten? Worst? Do you have pictures of those things to post in the article?

The best thing I ever eaten has been squid ink casarecce.  I’m not a fan of lobster, but ill try anything once.

Chef Bruton answered and it explains a lot in regards to where Camron is currently working.

I have a photo of when we had a professional development where he tried oysters on a half shell for the first time.. I think he was a sophomore.  He fell in love and became obsessed with oysters after that!

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I love making different pasta dishes from scratch. We have a lobster pasta on our menu, the noodles are made from lobster roe.

What is your favorite memory/accomplishment in the culinary world that you have experienced so far?

The experience that I’ve gained from meeting so many talented people has made me a better person, and for every lesson that someone has taught me I will have them forever in my heart.

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years time?

In 10 years I want to be living in japan and open Caliente wasabi. It was my. Restaurant concept for class during my sophomore year.

Anything else you would like to add in?

Hmmm nope….. How come chef questions are shorter than mine lol

Chef Bruton Questions

What made Camron special and able to achieve what he has?

Camron had a passion.  He wasn’t always the greatest student or culinarian-but his heart was HUGE and he never gave up.  He was always willing to learn-and ready to learn!  He questioned everything and took the time to research things before he inquired.  It was refreshing to teach someone with so much passion and love for methods

What does Camron have that you wish more students now a days don’t have? Dedication, drive, etc.

I wish more students today had Camron’s passion and dedication.  It seems that students are losing a drive and passion for learning.  Cameron loves to learn.  As a teacher, it makes us excited to teach!  When we have to fight students to learn-we lose our passion to teach.  Cameron made me love to teach every single day.

Is there a memory back from his years at tech, that a culinary professional like Camron would be embarrassed to share that you would be willing to share? I mentioned this would be on the internet for the world to see and well. . . . high school students will be high school students.

Camron and the other culinarians would love to find ‘shock factors’ for me.  They tried to always find something that would make me shake my head…   One day we received a 50# bag of cutter carrots-meaning they are irregular and not usually sold in stores-so they bag them for industry use since we don’t care what they look like.  I went in to find them going through the carrots and falling on the floor laughing and cutting up.  “I told you guys to put the carrots up in the fridge, what in the heck are you doing?!?!?”  I walked over to find them looking for the carrots that looked like they had male parts.  And true enough, they were pretty legit-something you could probably use in sex ed class.  They were dying and me.. I just shook my head and walked out.  But their selfie photos of them were out of control.  

Some others would be their pancake eating contest… making them hold hands and say nice things to each other for 5 minutes because they were being unkind… the day they got the sprayer on the dish pit and they weren’t sure how to use it and they ‘showered’ in the dishpit-now that was funny!  They couldn’t get it to stop!  

Best memories- JROTC Camp!  Now that was just crazy!  Ask any of them about it and you will get eye rolls and lots of laughter! 

Having someone like Camron come out of your program goes to show how great you are, how proud of him are you? What would you tell him today of the man/chef he has become?

When I speak about Camron I still refer to him as my son.  He will always hold such a dear place in my life.  That entire Class of 2015 will.  They were my first 4 year class, where I had them as freshmen all the way through graduation.  I have watched them grow and believe in a new developing program.  It meant so much to me for them to believe in our program and the dreams I had to make it a recognized program.  I grew with them and developed a home for students to become a family.  I still do dinners with that group, go to their graduations, eat at their restaurants, and are a part of their families at weddings.  They make me great!  Their belief in something bigger than they were-the hope for a successful future-and their motivation to not quit.

Anything else you would like to add or pictures to share?

We have many traditions in the short time we have been a part of Tech.  We have accomplished so much with a small kitchen and a 24 seating dining room.  Our space may be small but our hearts are big! 

We love to give back to each other and our community.  Thank you all for always supporting us in all of our crazy endeavors.