Bulldogs News · A special Thanks and Best Wishes to Mr. Earnest Colvin for all you’ve done from Trimble Tech and on your future endeavors!

When I posted the Alumni Watch for June/July I shared it with the faculty and staff and a special thanks to Mr. Colvin. Not knowing, tying the hours and dedication of Mr. Colvin to being an athletic trainer here at Trimble Tech. So with that I wanted to write up a little something on just how much Mr. Colvin has put into Trimble Tech since he got here in 2001. I followed shortly there after arriving here at Tech in 2004, and without fail after Mr. Ray would turn on the lights and open things up, Mr. Colvin and myself would pull in about the same time shortly after 7:00 am. This always started at the first of August, when most teachers have several more weeks of vacation. Mr. Colvin was out painting the lines in the outfield of the baseball field and putting students through the steps of the program they would perform in a few short weeks at the football games. He never knew how many students he would have and which programs/formations that could be filled. Somehow every year Mr. Colvin would get his students in line and they would look great in doing so. I can say there were several times I was called out to the field as some students went to hard on those hot summer days and they would end up apologizing to Mr. Colvin as they didn’t want to let him down. We would show up first thing in the morning when classes start back at 7:00 am and those nights after football games I would be pulling out of school and Mr. Colvin would have to wait for his students to be picked up and he had to still go drop of the rental truck he used to get all the instruments to the field.  As an athletic trainer, one sport leads into another, is the case for Mr. Colvin. Once football season was over, competition season was right around the corner. We would always talk in passing and it would always go something similar to this. I would ask how he thought he would do and without fail he would reply something along the lines “I just don’t know, wish we had more time” or “The competition at this level is tougher”. Yet more often than not, Mr. Colvin and his band would bring back all 1’s from their competition. Mr. Colvin would simply shrug his shoulders as if he knew it wouldn’t have happened. Mr. Colvin day in and day out spent A LOT of time at Trimble Tech to make sure those band students got everything they could about music, about education, and about life in general. It goes as far to say, we I heard we were retiring we talked a couple times. One of those conversations he said they were having a hard time filling the position because applicants would see the amount of work required then they would pass on it and he had that look in his eyes he didn’t want to leave his students without. I told him he had put in more than his time and it was time to take care of himself. With that, graduation came and his group performed his last official duties as the Trimble Tech Band Director.

I don’t think I am alone, in saying you are irreplaceable at Trimble Tech. The hours and dedication you have put in here at Trimble Tech goes be on recognition! You will truly be missed! I/we all wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Please let us know if you have any gigs playing your saxophone and I am sure you will have a large group of Tech faculty and staff supporting you. Here is to many happy retirement years!

Thank you for being an amazing colleague, friend, mentor, and over all class act!