Bulldogs News · Graduation of Trimble Tech Class of 2018!

And with that, the 2018 school year is over. Diplomas have been handed out and 403 Bulldogs are out in the real world, making their mark. A special thanks and welcome home, as Mr. Ramos said, the young lady who flew home from her deployment to support her family member who was graduating. Whether you choose to be astrophysicist, pro athlete, or come back to grace the classroom someday as a teacher we are all proud of you. With the class size that is was, I was unable to get everyone so my apologies. Please let you friends know and pass this along to friends and family. A BIG thank you as well to Mrs. Desmit and Brad Seay for putting together a wonderful graduation. I will be writing another little thanks, but for this purpose, Thank you to Mr. Colvin for all you hard work and another performance at Graduation!