Bulldogs News · Updated: June/July Alumni Watch – Everman High School Assistant Athletic Trainer Selena (Ruiz) Navarro

So it is that time again when volleyball is already practicing and football will be starting Monday. As an athletic trainer things are a little bit crazy trying to get things taken care of and going making sure paperwork is turned in. When I did this alumni watch I sent out emails and the email to one of those people ended up in a junk folder. Dr. Trowbridge was nice enough to reply after the fact and I told her I would edit the article and get it back out there. Well it was summer and somethings came up so I am editing the date with everything and counting this for August Alumni watch with the update. Thank you Dr. Trowbridge, who is a tenured Associate Professor at UTA where Selena went to college. Please scroll through the article again to see what Dr. Trowbridge had to say about Selena. The updated info is under the picture of Selena with a group in gap and gown in front of the UTA logo.

So, March every year was/is National Athletic Training Month and the plan ahead of that was to spotlight this young lady during that month but as things often do got busy as an athletic trainer and Brandon Lewis ended up doing his story. So next best thing, is down time for an athletic trainer which comes in the months of June and July. So that is why, the June/July Alumni Watch is the Everman High School Assistant Athletic Trainer Selena (Ruiz) Navarro. With the idea she was working on questions for an article to increase involvement here at Tech, not technically a lie, I sent Selena questions about her high school years as well as athletic training in general. Here is the Alumni Watch of Selena Navarro, a young lady I am very proud of for what she has accomplished and the professional she has become and what is still in front of her!

So, I am going to be doing an article on TechBulldogs.com about getting more participation in the program so could you take a few minutes and answer these questions as best you can and I will use bits of information out of these questions in the article. Truly appreciate it. 

What year did you graduate from Tech?    2008

What was your major:   HST- Pharmacy Tech

What were some of the activities you were involved in at Tech other than sports?  CLASS OFFICER, NHS, SPANISH CLUB, LINK CREW

What years did you play soccer and did you receive any honors? Soccer 04-08’, first team all district,  and I was the team captain.

Unbeknownst to Selena, I reached out to Coach Malmros who was her high school soccer coach and asked him a couple of questions regarding Selena. The following were his answers to the questions I had about Selena.

What was a favorite or memory that sticks out that involves Selena? 

I have a lot of memories of Selena, from being a freshman starter on varsity but I would have to say my favorite memory was when she scored her first goal and was so excited!! 

Knowing she is an athletic trainer now, would you let her take care of your athletes? 

Yes, I would definitely take my athletes to Selena to be their athletic trainer.  I know she always has worked hard at achieving her goals and is never satisfied with not being the best. 

Anything else you would like to add? 

Selena was part of the rebuilding of Trimble Tech girls into the soccer power that Coach Alexander has lead them to be now. She was always excelled in the classroom and her academics as a student.  I know she has worked hard to achieve all of her success, you could not have a better Alumnus to have as a role model.  I am proud of the lady she has become and am glad that I have been just a little part of her life. 

Charles Malmros
Greenville High School
Head Boys Soccer/ Girls Cross Country


What was your favorite memory at Tech (sports or otherwise)? 

My favorite memory at Tech would probably have to be just hanging out with my friends during lunch.  

When you were at Tech, Soph/Junior years, what were your plans after graduation/career?

During my soph year or early Jr year the only thing I knew I wanted to do was attend college. I did not know what school I wanted to attend or what I wanted to study, but I was certain I was going to be attending a university somewhere. 

What was the moment when you realized you wanted to go into Sports Medicine?

I do not remember the exact moment, but it was sometime during the summer between my junior year and senior year.  I had a love for soccer and sports and decided I wanted to be involved with sports as a career.  Also being in the HST program, the medical side of it seemed pretty cool as well and I knew I did not want a desk job.  I was injured every year and in the training room A LOT!  Haha  Doc did everything he could to help get me back on the field safely as soon as possible.  While in the training room, I was able to see some of what goes into being an athletic trainer.  It looked like a fun, active, and rewarding profession.

Looking back, besides being a student athletic trainer, would there have been you would have done anything different at Tech?

I would have tried out for other sports.  Before high school, all I knew was soccer.  I knew I was decent at soccer, so I stuck with that because I was too afraid to fail and get out of my comfort zone.  Working in a high school setting, I see the benefits of being a well rounded athlete.  You learn different skills in every sport, mentally and physically.

How were the Sport Medicine Classes at UTA? 

I really enjoyed the classes.  During certain moments I know I hated certain classes, but at the end of it all they were very enjoyable.  Certain classes required a lot more time and work than others and of course some classes were a lot more fun than others.  The classes were small and everyone knew each other and we were always surrounded with resources.  Our professors were always available if we needed help or more explanation.  They worked with us until we fully understood the material. 

If you could tell those instructors at UTA anything now that you have been in the profession, having been at Everman as the assistant for several years what would it be?

THANK YOU!! Thank you for all of your time, dedication, critiques, support, encouragement, patience and knowledge during my college years.  Thank you for all of your continued support for the UTA Athletic Training Alumni.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the athletic training program at UTA.

The following portion is the updated portion from Dr. Trowbridge from UTA about Selena.

What kind of student was Selena when she came into the program?

Selena was quiet but determined to succeed. She was a reliable classmate to her peers and was always engaged.

Having a student come through the program and stay in the area thrive as an athletic program says a lot a bout your program, what makes in your opinion make Selena able to handle a school like Everman which has a rick athletic history?

Selena has faced adversity in her life and has always risen above any challenges. She is dedicated to staying in the area because of family so having a job at Everman HS was a natural fit. Everman has a rich athletic history, but also has its challenges in providing top notch sports medicine care to its athletes. Having Selena in the role of assistant has solidified the commitment to the student-athletes first and foremost. Her training at UT-Arlington prepared her well and allows her to go above and beyond the call of duty.

 Is there anything you would like to say to Selena as she will see this or anything you would like to add?

I enjoying staying in touch with former students, but I cherish that I have been able to see Selena more often and the we can grab a quick dinner every now and then. She is the real deal – caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, and ethical – Everman is lucky to have her on staff.

This is back now to Selena answering questions.

If there are any students questioning getting into sports medicine and or going into the UTA program what would it be? 

This profession requires good work ethic and a lot of commitment.  Be ready to work and be creative.  You will wake up early for practices/game prep and get home late some days.  You will have days full of energy and days where you feel like you are running on empty, but if you enjoy what you do, it will all be worth it.   

Having been in the profession for numerous years, whats the one thing on those hard long days that keeps you going?

The smile on the kids faces when they are having fun playing a sport.  The feeling of seeing a kid get back on the field/court/track after being out with an injury.  Seeing how much an athlete has grown mentally and physically from day one to the last day.  The “Hey Coach R” in passing.  The “thank you” after a tape job, ice bag, rehab exercises, etc.  The “Hi mom! Love you mom!” from some of the kids.  Those are the moments  that keep me going.

I also reached out to Clayton Marshall, the head athletic trainer at Everman High School, whom Selena has worked with the past several years to ask him some questions about Selena. Here is what he had to say about Selena:

Very impressed with her work ethic!!  From day one she came in and wanted to work to be the best Athletic Trainer she could be!  I was very impressed with her knowledge of anatomy and her ability to apply it to injury evaluation and rehab.

That being said all Selina needed was confidence.  That is where she has grown the most in my eyes since being at EHS.  She has learned to trust what she knows and believe in herself.  That is huge in our profession.  We often have to make a call in a short amount of time and unlike the weather man we MUST get it right.

Well I would say that it a pleasure to work with her everyday.  We are in the same room or on the field for way more than 40 hours each week.  And believe me it isn’t easy to have to deal with me that much day after day.  She handles with grace a professionalism and I really appreciate that about her!

Selena has been here for 5 1/2 years now and I would not be able to handle the Athletic Training Room the way we do without her help and her influence.  She has been able to come in and actually teach and Old Dog a few new tricks.  We often talk about Athletic Training as a profession that you must learn from every day or you will be passed by.  She has made that important to her and that has helped her continue to grow and has been a blessing to Everman High School!!

Good Luck,


Clayton Marshall. L.A.T.
Head Athletic Trainer
Everman High School


In your very young career, what is one of your best memories that you can share?

I would have to say my best memory was when my soccer boys won 1st place in district and made it 3 rounds deep into the playoffs in 2015.  First round, it was Bulldogs (Everman) vs Bulldogs (Tech).  It was a neat experience to watch my boys play against my alma mater, and win! J  Although we lost in the 3rd round, the hard work, sweat, tears, and love that group of boys put into each game, made every moment worth working.  

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I hope to still be working as an athletic trainer with a couple of kids and bringing them to work with me from time to time.  I also hope to start and complete my masters.


I can remember those days/years when Selena was in the training room A LOT! Reminded me or my accident prone self through my high school years, but we got her up and going and onto the field. There were times it was more than just injuries as students often come in and talk about this or that and she has, and hope it doesn’t stop, call from time to time about how I would have handled situations on the field and or training room just to get a different opinion. I am super proud of you that you are June/July Alumni Watch. I am super proud of you that you decided to become an athletic trainer and someday hope to have someone come up to you and ask the questions! It is a great honor to watch you grow and learn.