Bulldogs News · September Alumni Watch – student to teacher, Angelica Rios

One of my favorite parts of doing this website is finding out a little bit more about alumni as I have done numerous Alumni watches at this point. As part of my story, was giving back to the high school that took care of me. Angelica is doing just that as she graduated back in 2013 and majored in HST, she is now a colleague teaching in the foreign language department. Although Angelica did not participate in any athletics, Angelica played a big role in what Trimble Tech is today and that is why she is September’s Alumni Watch. I sat down with her to look back and what brought her back to Trimble Tech.

What is your Favorite memory you had while here at Tech?

There were so many! The Spanish Club trip to San Antonio was an unforgettable experience and let’s just leave it at that. Lol Also an amazing experience was the Natural Helpers retreat with Dr. Byrd. The rides to TCC and all adventures with dual credit. Also, the good memories within my major HST. Riding the ambulance for EMT and hospital rotations were super cool.

What organizations or groups that you were involved in?

Spanish club, natural helpers, yearbook, Link crew, HOSA, UIL , UV4C, Latinas in Progress with HWNT, student council

Are there any teachers you had while here that are now your co-workers that you have great memories of?

Yes, many and it’s crazy that I became one of them now! Even some of them still can’t believe it when they see me around especially in our meetings. Mr. Le, Mr. Gendreau, Mrs. Skates, Mr. McCulloch, Mrs. Meza, Mr. Cruz, Dr. Derbonne, Officer Grimes, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Oswalt, Mrs. Penland, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Williams. I hope I didn’t forget any but all amazing teachers! Not only teachers but administrators and other staff. Mr. Ramos was actually my principal for my last semester of senior year and Mr. Dehn was a teacher when I came here. Thank you to everyone  for the warm welcome and support!

I actually was talking to Mr. Gendreau about doing this alumni watch for Angelica and this is what he had to say:

I loved having Angelica in class! She was always smiling. She liked everyone and made the class fun.  It was amazing to watch her change over the year and gain confidence in her skills.  When I see her in the hallway, I still have that momentary, “my student” feeling before I switch to “fellow teacher” feeling.  I enjoy seeing her around the school.

Are there any lessons teachers while you were in high school tried to give to you that you didn’t really listen to that you now understand being a teacher?

If so what were they? Yes, many and they come easily to mind when I am faced with a particular situation in the classroom. However, as I sit here I can’t recall them clearly. One I do remember is how they would always tell us to not cram and instead review at home as we were learning each lesson. Unfortunately, I was a procrastinator sometimes and would study very hard the night or day before a test. One of my biggest regrets but I learned from it and now I tell my students to make sure they are actually acquiring the knowledge and going home and reviewing every single day not just the day before an exam. Also, always asking for clarification or repetition when something was not understood. I can sometimes see confusion in some students’ faces but they are afraid to ask and they shouldn’t be.

What inspired you to want to become a teacher?

I did not go to school to become a teacher to be honest. However, I always had teaching in the back of my head as one of the careers I would like to one day explore. Little did I know the perfect opportunity would come so quick! After graduating from UTA with a Bachelor’s in Communication and being open to different opportunities, when this one came I knew I couldn’t let it pass. What inspired me to give teaching an opportunity was my passion to advocate young people to reach their full potential and obtain a higher education. Also, to hopefully one day be an inspiration for the students to see that we all can achieve what we set our mind to as difficult as it may seem sometimes. In addition, I want students to see the importance of learning another language and how beneficial it will be for them especially for the workforce.

Had you ever hoped to come back here to Trimble Tech to teach?

Yes, when I would think of the possibility of ever teaching I always had Tech in mind. As a matter of fact, I really never imagined myself anywhere else if teaching. Although it seemed kind of out of reach for me. I just never thought I would get in to the best high school of Fort Worth and here I am now.

Is there any pride in the fact you are giving back to the school community that supported you?

Oh, can you just imagine! There is so much pride and you can ask my students! I even showed them pictures of me when I went here since it was not long ago at all. I feel as if I am back home and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to give a tiny bit back to the school that gave me so much. When I found out I was the selected candidate I was in shock, I just couldn’t believe it! I could not believe how the opportunity had landed in my arms and in the high school where I had graduated teaching the subject I am passionate about. I mean how blessed am I! I started crying and really did not process everything until I was in the classroom and even today I am still processing.

What advice would you give to our/your seniors preparing for college that you wish you had a better knowledge of?

I would tell them to enjoy each stage they are experiencing and not be worrying so much about the future. I used to think I would be happy until I had achieved specific goals or reached certain stages but now I try to be happy with what I have and enjoy the now. Also, take advantage of the help professors are willing to give. Do more with less. What I mean by that is have more experiences than material stuff. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up with the trends and it is not worth it. At the end of the day what you take with you are the memories and knowledge you gain from experiences and not the material things.  Always establish connections and network anywhere and everywhere you can! Be nice to everyone and never burn bridges with anyone because you never know the turns life makes and you will be surprised.


Even though it might make a couple of us feel a slightly bit older, we are all very happy to have you back in the halls that you use to walk, teaching the younger generation. Thank you for all you did for Tech while a student and the work you continue to do as a teacher!