Bulldogs News · October Alumni Watch – Anna Marie Martinez

October kind of snuck up on me and was here before I knew it. However this young lady who we will be honoring as the October Alumni Watch is everything that an upcoming professional educator should be. She was actually honored by her school district recently from her entire district based on how she carries herself doing her job. That is why Anna Marie Martinez is the October Alumni Watch Honoree. I had time to talk with her and learn a little bit more about what she has been up to.

What year did you graduate?

Graduated the best year ever, 2009.

What was your major?

Major was business.

What sports were you involved in?

I played volleyball and soccer.   I even played basketball my freshman year.

Who were your Favorite teacher(s)/coach(es) while you were here at Tech?

Coach Spivey!  I was at the top of my game under Coach Spivey, I was in the best shape I had ever been and played a lot smarter too.  He wasn’t just an amazing coach, he cared and pushed us to always do better.  Ms. Lancarte (Mrs. Lopez), Mrs. Wood, Coach Harris, Coach Morrow.  They all were great teachers when I was at Tech, there were others it’s just I am old and bad with remembering names. And of course the one and only Doc!  Who always took care of me when I was crippled, who got on to me when I wasn’t doing right on and off the field and who always kept in touch and care about us “soccer girls” after high school.

What were your Favorite memory/ies from Tech?

My favorite memories would have be during soccer season, games, tournaments and practices.  Soccer was my passion.  Also, I would say the pep rallys, senior events were great memories with friends.

What were your goals/profession hopes when you left Tech?

After Tech, my goal was to attend college and that was it honestly.  I was not sure what I wanted to do for my profession.  I was always good with numbers, took an accounting class at tech, and thought that I wanted to continue in the business route.  Later changing to education. 

If they are different from when you left, why the change?

What made me change to education?  Hmm education was always an option but when I started subbing I just knew this is what I wanted to do.

Why did you want to get into education?

I love helping others and I felt that education would be the best way to do that.  Sometimes we need someone to push us to do better, to make the right decision, to believe in us.  For me it was my educators and I just want to be that person to someone.

What is your job currently? Where do you hope to end up?

I am currently the Data Clerk at Crowley Middle School.  Outside of this, I coach soccer, mentor students and help with the step team.  I graduated last year from Tarleton and now working on my certifications to become a teacher.  My goal is to teach middle school math.  As a mommy of two beautiful and energetic children most of my free time goes to them but I do manage to make time to play soccer.

You were recently awarded an awesome honor from your school district, how did that make you feel?

If felt amazing being recognized by my school and my district.  Like I said above, I love to help others and want to make a difference.  I didn’t want to wait to be in the classroom to make that difference I wanted to do it now.  Receiving this award lets me know I am doing something right and has motivated me to keep reaching for my goal in becoming a teacher. To hear what the students had to say about me was just another reason why I continued reach my goal.  

Here is the video which just a small testament of what kind of teacher Ms. Martinez will be someday in the near future.

What advice would you give high school students for their last couple months/years of high school? What advice would you give seniors getting ready to head off to college?

Stop procrastinating!  You want to go to college get with someone to make sure you are taking the right steps.  And it is ok!  Let me repeat myself IT IS OK!  to attend TCC and transfer somewhere else later.  But other than that enjoy your senior year, you will look back 10 years from now laugh at the memories. And do not ever give up, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to reach your goal, what matters is that you get there.


I want to Thank Ms. Martinez for taking the time and sharing with us. Watching her grow up on the soccer field and the amazing young lady she has become. Overcoming obstacles along the way, someday there will be some truly amazing students that will be able to call Ms. Martinez their teacher!


I am always on the look out for future Alumni Watch Honorees! They do not have to be athletes so please share with all Tech Alumni. If you would like to nominate someone, please shoot me an email with basic information especially how to get in touch with your nominee. I little information as to why you feel they should be honored and I will hopefully get their story up in the future. My email is: Jason.Braud@fwisd.org and if you could please put on the subject line: Alumni Watch Honoree