Bulldogs News · Trimble Tech Lady Bulldogs claim 6A Bi-District Championship, reach season goal but aren’t finished yet!

Let me first say, that the game between Trimble Tech and San Angelo Central was very entertaining and both sides played some truly amazing volleyball. Numerous rallies that seemed to last for ever, some amazing kills on both sides along with some truly amazing digs and defense. Trimble Tech would like to congratulate San Angelo Central on an amazing season and wish them nothing but the best the rest of the year. I would like to take a moment, as I have posted in stories before as an athletic trainer I have been really lucky to have the number of mentors I have had to look up to and learn from. I am in a position that I’ve been on the court or field when I’ve had former students come up through the ranks and that was fun. Last night I had the opportunity to be on the court with the athletic trainer from San Angelo Central Mrs. Jenny Corbertt. Like myself she is an Angelo State Alum, but more than that while I was at Angelo State I was with her at Central as part of our rotations. She taught me a lot in the brief time, always a friend and an awesome mentor I want to thank you for teaching me during that time and always being someone I can call. Also a big thank you for giving everything you have to San Angelo Central, until next time . . . thank you!

I have been here at Tech going on fifteen years and I can say that this volleyball game ranks up there with one of the great games I have seen played. Several years back a goal was set to get to the play-offs and that was accomplished several times. At some point a goal was set not just to get to the play-offs but win a game. Last year they got to the play-offs and won a set so they were taking steps in the right direction then came the news that were moving up to the 6A classification with schools with a lot more enrollment than what we have and everybody was uncertain. Not Coach Rudolf and last night that goal of a play-off victory, first in school history came true. Even after losing the first set 18-25 to San Angelo Central, after a slow start, the Lady Bulldogs did not back down. It only got them going as they rolled off three consecutive set wins (25-10, 25-19, and 25-20) for the 3-1 Bi-District Championship at the 6A level. Not only did they get their play-off victory, they put out notice that Trimble Tech can play volleyball with the best of teams even at the 6A level!

Season is not over yet as the Lady Bulldogs have to turn around again on Friday November 2nd, back to the Abilene. Their next game is Friday November 2nd at Abilene Cooper High School at 6:30 pm against Midland Lee. Congratulations to Coach Rudolf and Lady Bulldogs, but the work is not done. Let’s bring home another victory!

P.S. – Its taken a while for people to notice, but even if its for a short time, we were front and center of the Star Telegram!