Bulldogs News · Update on – September (November) Alumni Watch – National Team member Travis Oliva

So, as football season is coming to a close I have not had time to look into November’s Alumni Watch. . . . . so what is one to do, I scroll back through and know there is an awesome update I can make on a previous Alumni Watch. Back in September I spot lighted Travis Oliva as he made the American Amputee National Team. Well, that team just made a trip to Mexico for WAFF World Cup 2018 and Travis was on the roster. That trip is already over as they flew back the other day. I am attaching the American Amputee Soccer website here: http://www.ampsoccer.org/
Travis shared some of the videos and pictures on his FB page and I watched what I could and it was truly amazing to watch, if you have access to FB here is a video he shared: https://www.facebook.com/100001875147524/posts/2273846446021171/    I don’t believe the American Team didn’t make it into the quarterfinals (knock out round) the represented America and Travis played great. During the Kenya match Travis saved a penalty kick.

He made such an impression that he actually had a following.

Congratulations on all your hard work Travis, Trimble Tech is very proud of you and all of Team America. Once a Bulldog always a Bulldog. We would love to hear some of your stories when you have time sir!


Travis self

Trimble Tech has had their fair share of alumni who have made their mark in the professional levels and locally in our community, to my knowledge, there hasn’t been one who has represented America on a National Team. That is until September’s Alumni Watch Travis Oliva made the American Amputee National Team. Even if Travis isn’t the first, it is truly an amazing achievement that Trimble Tech and FWISD is very proud of.

Travis’s path started back when he was in the 6th grade when he went on vacation with his family to Zacatecas. After an accident left him without his arm and a week stay in Mexico he was flown back to Cook’s Children for follow up care. After that, there really was no holding back Travis from doing anything he wanted to do.

He started playing goalie at age seven when his dad was trying to get one of his brothers to place the ball in the soccer goal, so you guessed it Travis was in the goal. He liked it and from there he asked his parents if he could be on a team, he ended up on a team with eight year olds playing goalie and that team got second place. After his accident he didn’t want to mess up his right arm so he got into basketball instead during is 7th and 8th grade years but he still wanted to be playing soccer, in particular in the goal. Once he got into high school he played stopper in the field which he liked but not as much as he did when he was the goalie. One day in soccer class, just goofing around he got in goal and his teammates were telling him he was better than the able bodied goalies that they had that he should try out the following year. So the following year he tried out and made the cut. Their first game was against Western Hills and the other goalie started, and at half time his coach looked at him and told him he was going in. From that point Travis has been in goal.

Travis Tech

Travis has practiced with Fort Worth Vaqueros for the past two years but has not seen game time. Travis has played soccer at numerous locations: Wichita soccer fields, “La 4”, Played in Turf Zone, 4ever Soccer, and Game on. In all of his playing, Travis has been awarded Three Top Goalie Awards, two for outdoor teams and the other for one of his indoor teams.

Travis award Travis lights Travis wo

While at one of his practices with the Fort Worth Vaqueros, one of his coaches told him there was a National Team for Amputees. So when Travis got home he got on Facebook and looked them up. He kept following them looking for any information, then that day came when Travis found out they were having tryouts in Houston. So Travis decided to travel down to Houston and tryout. After three days of tryouts, Travis’ name was called out as being part of the National Amputee Soccer Team. Later that month he got a call asking if he could travel to California to paly against Haiti. While in Haiti, the National Team played Haiti three times. Travis was in goal in the first game when they lost 2-0, the other two games we also loses but 5-0 and 5-1. In the immediate future there really isn’t a lot on the calendar but Travis said he was excited about 2018 as the World Cup for Amputee’s. No date or location has been set but when it is, I will be watching as I am sure the rest of the Trimble Tech extended family. Best wishes Travis and congratulations in all you have achieved.