Bulldogs News · Trimble Tech parking information for athletic events with newly painted “No Parking Fire Lane”

Trimble Tech is a historic building sitting in the middle of the hospital district of Fort Worth which can cause a problem when it comes to parking. Jumping up to the 6A UIL Classification and add to that mix that both girls and boys varsity basketball games are now being held on campus on certain dates. Seating capacity has already been an issue at one of the girls basketball games as maximum seating capacity was reached and some fans had to be turned away or wait till someone left the gym(s). With this in mind, I wanted to post information to hopefully assist with parking and making sure you arrive early, to find parking and hopefully getting a seat to cheer on your loved ones regardless if they play for Tech or the visiting teams.

Trimble Tech is located at 1003 West Cannon St. off of Henderson Street just off of I-30 and just west of I-35W. All of the athletic facilities/events are on the south side of the building. There is a smaller parking lot on the south west side of the school directly across from the two story garage for Ben Hogan Center. This parking lot has a tendency to be used my some of the Success Night School Staff so parking there might be hit or miss. A larger parking lot can be found on the east side of the school off of College Street, this lot is used by the Trimble Tech Staff which most head home after school so there should be plenty of room there. The top of this attached aerial view is north thus bottom of the photo is south, Henderson is on the left and College Street on the right.

There are spots through the back drive/portion of the school but the district has repainted the “NO PARKING FIRE LANE” that is marked in the red line in the above aerial view. Due to the level of competition and should an emergency arrive, the fire lanes must remain open. Please refrain from parking in them as there is the possibility of being towed as we must have access for emergency medical services and well as the fire department should an emergency arise.

The outside gym normal is where the girls play, it large free standing building adjacent to the football/soccer field. The main entrance to the outside gym is on the east/College Street side of the building. The sign on the gym reads “Shirley R. Murphy Activity Center” and looks like this.

The upstairs gym, is where the boys games are played. It is on the second floor of the building in the middle of the school on the south side. The door to the upstairs gym is circled in green in the aerial map posted above. From the outside gym, if you were to look north towards the school, you will see large chiller units on stilts and the door to go upstairs is under those units as pictured below:

If you go up those stairs once you go through this door, the gym will be immediately to your left. If you need assistance getting to the second floor, we do have an elevator, please ask any of the staff to assist you and we will make sure you get where you need to be.

Our goal at Trimble Tech is hope you enjoy your visit at Tech and our athletic facilities. We have several busy dates coming up so when parking might be an issue so hopefully this can assist with that. Those dates are:

December 14th – Boys/Girls Basketball vs Arlington Lamar, Theatre Arts Department putting on a production that same night.
January 2nd – Boys Basketball vs Paschal, Boys Soccer vs Alumni
January 4th – Boys/Girls Basketball vs Young Men’s/Women’s LA
January 15th – Boys/Girls Basketball vs Sam Houston
January 25th – Boys/Girls Basketball vs Arlington High
January 29th – Boys Basketball vs Bowie, Boys Soccer vs Bowie
February 1st – Boys/Girls Basketball vs Paschal, Girls Soccer vs Sam Houston, Softball vs Western Hills
February 5th – Boys/Girls Basketball vs Young Men’s/Women’s LA, Boys Soccer vs YMLA, Softball vs Everman

For soccer and softball/basebgall games, I would suggest looking at W. Dashwood St. for parking. West Dashwood St., especially on these nights list above will probably be a safe bet. W. Dashwood St. is located to the south of the school adjacent to the baseball/softball fields and tennis courts. Overflow from Dashwood can fill into the gravel lots unless signs are posted otherwise.

Again, our goal here at Tech is to make everybody’s visit to athletic events here Trimble Tech enjoyable. Please understand we have seating capacity in both of our gyms so if you are coming to watch varsity basketball games, be prepared to show up early or you could possibly have to wait outside if there is a large crowd. Hopefully with this advance notice and parking information/locations might help with your visit.