Bulldogs News · With Christmas Break starting at the end of this week, Tech athletes look to hopefully come back to completed athletic complex upgrades.

Trimble Tech has been making adjustments since May and throughout the summer  months when construction crews came in and started doing work. With Christmas Break starting this Friday, the end is in sight and hopefully things will be ready to go for the second semester. The field house was priority number one when all of this construction started. Coaches had to make accommodations early on during the season as they weren’t allowed into their offices and the wash room until crews worked to got that part of the field house completed. Of course in any construction there are always set backs and in this case the flooring of the equipment/washroom set dates back some.

The middle picture above was the issue as the floor had to be reinforced before the crews could move forward. The rest of the field house was a bit easer going minus the coaches office as Coach Henry’s old office was moved for more weight room space and moved back in behind one of our video rooms. Having to store a lot of their things where they could.

A lot of work was done with walls being knocked down but the football team was quickly allowed into their portion of the completed locker rooms while the equipment room followed shortly after with its completion. There is still work being finished up in the field house but for the most part, to include new weights, the field house looks great with it’s upgrades.

The last part of the field house that is being finished up is the transformation of a freshmen football locker room that wasn’t being used into a softball locker room for them to use instead of changing in the building and having to come out to the field. This locker room looks to be finished up in the upcoming weeks in time for the softball season. In addition to the locker room is an addition to the visitors dugout which will house more storage for the softball team as well as the football team. After years of asking, softball also added a batting cage past their outfield fence. The additional space will be a great help as they are helping host one tournament and for the first time will be hosting a JV tournament this year.

Both the softball field and baseball field have added bleachers to their seating areas. To hopefully fulfill the need for more seats when competing in the new 6A classifications. Softball hopes to have another set of bleachers to arrive before their first games this season but the Trimble Tech athletic facilities are wrapping up just in time for the spring sports to kick off.

The last bit of construction that is wrapping up is something that has been a long time coming. Call it a triage area or a satellite athletic training room, but I am getting more space and an additional ice machine with this Texas heat with be a massive help as not to keep the current ice machine running non stop from August into late October. With the use of the concession stand work on the addition couldn’t start until the last home football game but they are close to finishing this up and a purchase order has been placed for the new ice machine.

Students come back on January 9th but athletes will be practicing/playing throughout the break. Check the schedules and come out and support our Bulldogs and check out to see how the construction is coming. There was even work done in the outside gym and the concession stand/storage area got a face lift. Along with the triage area, the coaches office in the outside gym had to wait till the end of the season so they are hoping to have that completed before to long as well. We hope everybody has a great Christmas Break and we look forward to everybody coming out and checking out what is new at our athletic facilities.