Bulldogs News · Code Blue Team hard at work before students arrive back on campus January 9th

Students don’t arrive back on campus until Wednesday January 9th but that doesn’t mean the faculty and staff aren’t already hard at work. Monday was a teacher work day to finish up grades and get ready for the second semester. A special group of teachers and staff were also working and practicing a Code Blue Drill should an actual Code Blue be called over the PA system for a student or teacher who suffers from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Sudden Cardiac Arrests takes a students life once every three days across America on school property. There are several programs and ideas out there to help prevent this, one of them being a having a response team set up and to do drills. Trimble Tech has gone one farther by creating a Code Blue Team of teachers and staff who will respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest should it happen on school grounds. These teachers and staff who will respond all volunteered to help and are spread out throughout the campus. Should that SCA happen in the future, team members practiced Monday grabbing the nearest AED to them and proceed to the emergency. Trimble Tech has six AED’s on campus in strategic locations spread out with quick access where ever the need might arise.

On Monday, when the announcement was made over the PA, team members were at the scene with an AED within 50 seconds performing CPR on the manikin. In a little over three minutes fourteen team members were on the scene assisting and taking turns practicing breaths and compressions. In a real life situation this Code Blue Team will highly increase the chances of someone in a real emergency having practiced. This was just the first of many drills but was a very good sign of things to come and the knowledge we have teachers and staff are willing to help out when an emergency arises. With this drill, Trimble Tech is one step closer to becoming an accredited Heart Safe School.

This is something that is no stranger to Trimble Tech, back in 2009 we had a student athlete go down on the track and suffered a SCA. If it were not for the quick actions of his two coaches and the use of an AED and young man might not have survived. It goes to show that knowing CPR and practicing those skills saves lives.

It is a great feeling to work at a school that has teachers and staff that care who are willing to help. Whether it is here at Trimble Tech and regardless if you are part of the Code Blue Team, please look into learning CPR, how to use and AED, and general first aid. You don’t know when you might be called upon to help a stranger or even a loved one. I never thought it would happen to me and I can tell you both sides of a story after having performed CPR on two occasions. There are also organizations and foundations to get high school students screened with EKG’s or you can ask your son/daughter’s primary care physician. AED’s increase the chances of survival but knowing ahead of the time is even a better chance of preventing a SCA.

The Code Blue Team had a great first drill, we will continue to drill so next time it happens here at Tech we are prepared for another great outcome. Here are some stories of other teams from schools that had great outcomes and why it is important to know how to use an AED and where they are located.


A special Thank you to Mr. Gendreau for organizing Code Blue Team and thanks as well to Nurse Helms for assisting and making sure we are completing the requirements to be an accredited Heart Safe School.