Bulldogs News · April Alumni Watch – Updated and crowned “2019 Women’s National Golden Gloves Champion at 119 lbs.” Alexis Mones within reach of USA Olympic Boxing Team

It is great to do these alumni watches and catch up with them, it is even more so when I can come back on here and share a recent achievement of this amazing young lady. . . or should I say Women’s National Golden Gloves Champion at 119 lbs.! Alexis says she had an awesome week in Tennessee for National Golden Gloves. Her teammates and coaches were amazing and it was an experience that she will cherish forever! It was hard and stressful but also full of fun and many, many laughs. Alexis had four fights and took home four wins making her the 2019 Women’s National Golden Gloves Champion at 119 lbs. ! She thanks God for saving her and steering her down a better path for her daughter. She really wants to thank her family and loved ones for their continued love and support. She states she wouldn’t have made it this far without them! Alexis also thanks her new tea, Dream Performance that she’s now been with for three months for taking her to the next level mentally and physically! She thanks all of her family, friends, and teammates for all the love and support they’ve given her because boxing is a lonely sport but with a great set of people behind her, things were so much sweeter. She truly appreciates everyone that has cheered her on her journey. The year is still young and she’s only going to work that much harder.

Next step is getting onto the Olympic Team, best wishes on that next step. Trimble Tech is very proud of what you have already accomplished. Please see the original Alumni watch below the following pictures:

As a coach or athletic trainer every now and then you will have one of those student athletes who come along who is a pleasure to be around. They are just that much more coachable than the others, will give it everything thing they have, will never quit, and will do everything that is asked of them and then turn around and ask if you need help with anything. Those athletes are those athletes you often wonder how they are doing. April’s Alumni Watch spotlights just one of those kind of student athletes. Just so happen Alexis Mones, April’s Alumni Watch, mom had come to Tech a couple months ago to a game and asked if I remembered her. Of course I did because Danielle Lopez, Alexis’s mom, was the parent who was at all of her events cheering her on. Always at open house asking how she was doing in class. She had told me that Alexis was climbing the ranks in the boxing world and doing good. So I found her on Facebook and reached out. Sure enough, Alexis is on the verge of the Olympic Boxing Team I asked her for a couple minutes if she could shed some light into what she has been up to as I would like to spotlight her as the April’s Alumni Watch. I have always been impressed with Alexis when she was a student, more so now she is and will always be a champion regardless of what life throws her way.

What year did you graduate?

“I graduated in 2009”

What was your major here at Tech?

“My major was Electronics then switched to health science technology either my junior or senior year.”

Did you play any sports while you were here at Tech?

“In high school I was in Basketball, volleyball, cross country, wrestling and track.”

What are your best memories of Tech?

“My best memories come from the sports I played……. I was the only freshman to make it to regionals in track that year. I loved the comradery that team sports built and those are the people and memories I’ll never forget.”

Who were/was your favorite teacher(s) at Tech?

“My favorite teachers were mostly my coaches. Mrs. Donna Wilson Mrs. Lacey Mr. Douglas Dean and Mrs. McFarland Mr. Harris.”

What were your plans immediately after graduation? Did that include college?

“After high school I had planned on being this huge track star in college or even joining the Army. After unforeseen circumstances arose I ended up attending TCC for a year and a half.”

Did you graduate from college, if so with what degree?

“I haven’t graduated from college yet but it is still on my to do list. I have about 30+ credit hours completed but do plan on returning to school.”

What are you doing now? How does that compare to your plans after high school?

“Currently I am a mother, boxer and baby sitter. So that’s an extreme difference from what I envisioned at the age of 18. I expected to have completed college by now and be an Olympic athlete or be an officer in the US Army, possibly both.”

How/why did you get into boxing? 

I wanted to box as a kid but already played a bunch of sports so I didn’t have time. So once I got older and wasn’t active anymore I figured it would be a great way to get back in shape. So at 23 I decided to finally give it a try.”

Is boxing a current thing or is this something that you want to do as a career?

“Boxing is a huge thing in my life right now. I’ve finally put a lot of time and focus into it and it’s eventually going to be a career for me then translate into me owning my own gym one day.”

Whether in boxing or in life in general, what has been your best moment?

 “In life my best moments are those I’ve had from becoming a mother. I don’t think we truly understand what love is until we create and bring life into this world. So with that said my best moments have been with my daughter. Giving birth to her and watching her grow up are truly priceless moments. Boxing wise the best moment I’ve experienced so far is when I just recently won Texas Golden Gloves at 119lbs. It was the confidence boost I needed to remind me how much hard work pays off when you stay focused and dedicated to your craft.”

How close are you to making the Olympics part of your life?

“Right now the Olympics are on my radar. I have 2 remaining chances to earn a spot at nationals in December to duke it out for the spot on the Olympic team.””

After a loss or after a hard workout, what motivates you to get up and keep going?

“After losing it’s always tough but boxing is not only a physical sport it’s a mental sport. I’m a 119lbs fighter but unfortunately they don’t have that weight class so I had to make the decision to move up in weight for these Olympic trials. So I just took a loss after moving up in weight and it’s hard but for me it just shows me how much harder I have to work and motivates to improve my craft even more.”

What are your goals/dreams with boxing? 

“So the goals I have for boxing are long term, I want to make this a career. To hit the major points, I want to make the USA boxing team, win Nationally and Internationally and then after a couple years of reigning supreme I want to turn pro and fight for one of the top promotional companies.”

Would you consider it a successful career if those goals/dreams aren’t reached and you choose to hang up the gloves?

“Success can sometimes be a matter of perspective. I feel like I have high hopes and expectations of myself so whether or not I meet all those goals it’s a matter of individual perspective that determines success.”

You’ve traveled to a lot of tournaments, assuming boxing and training is all you have time for, how do you go about paying for all of that? 

“I honestly haven’t done a lot of traveling. I just recently got active or you could say consist in fighting. I’ve traveled a few places and thankfully have done well each time that has pushed me to where I’m at now. But yes, boxing is time consuming and for the most part sponsorships and donations has made it possible for me to travel out of town a pay for the traveling and daily expenses while out of town.”

With concussions and CTE in the media especially with football, do you have any concerns going forward? What, if any, protocol is in place with the organizations for your safety in regards to concussions?

“Boxing is a very dangerous sport just like many others. We’re required to get sports physicals before we can compete that must stay in our registered USA boxing books. Before each fight during a tournament we also have pre bout physicals as well. During fights a doctor has to be ringside for competition to take place. Along with the doctors the referees also have the authority to stop a bout if a fighter is not fit to continue. So safety and the well being of the fighters is very important in the sport of boxing because head traumas are very possible in this sport.”

You have a beautiful little girl, if she wanted to follow in your footsteps and get into boxing when she is old enough, would you want her to/what would you say to her? 

“My daughter has grown up in the gym so I’d like to say she already knows a little about fighting. She will learn how to defend herself as she gets older but I won’t make her compete. I’ll support her in any sport or activity she chooses but of course deep down I’d love to see her knocking heads off.”

Have you thought about life after boxing? What would you like to do with your life?

“After boxing I want to own my own fitness and boxing gym. I want to help adults and children build confidence in themselves while learning how to defend themself. I’d also like to make some future world champs while I’m at it. Most importantly teach my daughter the importance of being a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.”

If you had to give advice to seniors getting ready to graduate or underclassmen, what would that be? 

“My advice to students would be to not be afraid to get things wrong till you get it right. Life isn’t perfect and neither are we. Making mistakes is ok as long as you learn from them and move forward. Never, never give up on your dreams because it’s never too late! Boxing, basketball, track or whatever it may be that you have a passion for takes mental strength above anything else so don’t be afraid to fail. Be strong and keep trying, things will always fall into place as they are meant to when they are supposed to.”

Whether to former teachers, mentors, coaches, sponsors, family members who have supported you through your career to this point. . . . Is there anything you would like to say to any of them?

“First off I give my biggest thanks and gratitude to my mom, dad and sister. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without them. They’re amazingly supportive and help me so much with my daughter. As a single parent I couldn’t do any of this if I didn’t have their help. I’d like to say thank you to everyone that has helped me in this journey I call life. Having guidance and support has helped me through the positive and negative and I will be forever grateful. I’m the athlete and strong willed woman I am today because of all of the people that have came into my life at one point or another. I’m still chasing my dreams because of all the support I still receive and there are no words to express my gratitude. I will be the champion I was always meant to be because I have an army bigger than ever behind me.”

I want to thank Alexis for sharing with us, hopefully in the not so distant future there will be an update as there has been for others but this time there will be a picture of Alexis in the Red, white, and blue of America’s colors and or in front of her own gym teaching the up and coming. Returning the favor to those who have gotten her where she is at. Trimble Tech is proud of you Alexis Mones.


I am always looking for the next Alumni Watch, they just have to be Tech Alumni and don’t have to be athletes. If you know of someone who is deserving of the spotlight of what they have done since graduation please send me an email to Jason.braud@fwisd.org with the subject line of Alumni Watch. Obviously I would need to be able to reach them, preferably through email, and will need to have access to some photos to post along with the story. Thanks!