Bulldogs News · Part 1 (of 3) of Graduation Class of 2019 (pictures included), Years of Service for Teachers, Retirement for a few of Trimble Tech’s family!

And with that folks, the graduating class of 2019, is off into the real world having completed their years at Trimble Tech High School. Due to the number of photos taken, there will be three posts with pictures so please make sure you look at them both.  In years past I would say how great all of our students have done over the past years and how they accumulated over 18 million dollars in scholarships. I would like to take a second and applaud the faculty and staff that is family and makes Trimble Tech so special to work at and I am sure to walk the halls as a student. Without these folks, and many more who are working their way to service pins, Trimble Tech would not be what it is and that is the best high school in Fort Worth ISD!

Since I stepped on to campus, now fifteen years ago, there has always been a strong sense of family. In those fifteen years we have come together through good and bad times.  We are always there for one another and it’s not that uncommon to have faculty and staff that have been here for a significant amount of time because the majority of the faculty and staff are happy to be here. I would like to take a few minutes to acknowledge those that have hung around and done their part making Tech one of the best high schools in town.

This first group just shows that a large number stick around past the first few years are here for good. This first group I’d/Trimble Tech would like to acknowledge those that have been at Tech for five years.

Five years of service:

Coach Ryan Berry  – teaches Algebra and coaches football and baseball.

Coach Cori Brosius – teaches English and has coached volleyball and softball in the past.

James Christensen – teaches Architecture.

Coach Shay Eskridge – teaches Health and coaches volleyball and soccer.

Otha Graham – teaches English.

Adriana Jacobi – teaches Math.

Marcia Kendrick – teaches Cosmo.

Coach Aimee Lanter – teaches Science and coaches tennis.

Malashenok-Flis – teaches French.

Rachel Pilcher – use to be a teacher before she left but realized what she left and came back to be our librarian

Deonda Wilson – has been an Asst. Principal for the past five years.

Virginia Dean – is our Data Analyst.

Jackie Murillo – who is a Tech Alum, is an Attendance Clerk.

Bill Navarre – Liaison Officer.

From five years, we jump up to a group that has put in fifteen years of service. Weird to think some of our current students were just born if that when this group started working at Trimble Tech.

Fifteen years of service:

Dustin Alexander – teaches World Geography and is the Head Girls Soccer Coach, used to coach football and baseball as well.

Gwen Andreas – teaches AP Calculus and started as one of the original 9th grade team teachers in Alg I.

Jason (Doc) Braud – Athletic Trainer.

Diana Torres – Counselor.

Tonya Myers – teaches Chemistry and also was one of the original 9th grade team teachers in Bio.

One young lady has been here at Tech for twenty years and I am sure most including Mr. Ramos would say that Trimble Tech could not function without her.

Twenty years of service :

Alicia Guerrero – Administrative Associate / Registrar

At this point forward, these faculty and staff members are part of what Trimble Tech is. They are matriarchs of the Bulldogs family I am sure all would say.

Twenty five years of service :

Ray Hamilton – Custodian

Cheryl Penland – teaches Theatre Arts.

Thirty years of service :

Oscar Cruz – teaches Spanish and has coached both boys and girls soccer teams in the past. Mr. Cruz is also a veteran so thank you for your service to Tech and our country sir!

Those who are retiring :

We have a small group this year who are retiring and I can say I know all of they really well and all of them have been a very big part of what Trimble Tech is.

Lee Gendreau – Has been a vital part of the Health Science Technology Program and was a key factor in the Code Blue team up and running which was an important factor in have Trimble Tech name a Heart Safe School. Mr. Gendreau will have son attending UTA and has promised to check in on us from time to time to help out. Best wishes moving forward sir, thank you for everything you have done for Trimble Tech.

Coach James Eldridge – Coach Eldridge is often named in the senior video year after year as being numerous students favorite teacher. Coach Eldridge on top of being an amazing teacher, he was an amazing coach. Even though the majority of his athletes he had to look up to, they always listened to what he had to say. Thank you Coach for your years of service.

Coach Doug Steward – Teacher, Coach, President of what was formerly known as Plato University. Coach Steward was always there and having the pleasure of working with him as a coach he truly gave his athletes everything he had. I still remember coming up to school for Saturday sub-varsity games and eating breakfast at the Paris Coffee House, same table, same waitress, same orders. Thank you for being a friend, mentor, colleague sir! Thank you for everything you have done for Tech and those that you have helped make sure they graduated through Plato. . . or whatever the program is called now.

Alicia Guerrero – Last but not least for sure. Mrs. Guerrero is the heart beat of Trimble Tech and that is nothing against Principal Omar Ramos. Since I have been here, if you had questions as to what was going on or who you need to talk to so you can find something out that was who you went to. Mrs. Guerrero was that motherly figure who would be consoling and supportive at the same time knew when to give you that look of “You better not!” I could go on, but will say this, someone has some mighty big shoes to fill. You will always be welcomed at Trimble Tech and my gift to you. . . just this one time, “GO Cowboys!” I hope you enjoy your retirement and I am sure we can all get together at some point and remember the good ol’ days!

On to our 2019 Graduates! Trimble Tech is so very proud of each and every one of you. I post a story earlier in the year when Trimble Tech was being bumped into the 6A classification for UIL purposes. Trimble Tech stood strong and across the board did an amazing job. Countless certifications and it wasn’t that long ago that Mr. Cope and his CTE Electrical Technologies students had their own signing day with Brandt Corporation. Five seniors were hired full time with apprenticeship schools, all the tools necessary, along with the safety gear. There were also four juniors who were offered part time summer paid internships. There are plenty of other stories out there too many to name. Athletics weren’t a problem cause not only did we jump up but both volleyball and girls basketball had play-off victories against schools with a lot more athletes than this graduating class of 411. Trimble Tech would like to Congratulate all of you and with you the very best in your future adventures. Please keep in touch and let know how things are going