Bulldogs News · Would you like student accident insurance on your students (all ages), different plans to include at home and dental plans.

I would like to be very clear in this post, FWISD still has an accident plan in place for all high school and middle school athletes should they have an accident while on campus participating in an athletic event. This has not changed and should they get hurt they need to report those injuries to their coaches and/or athletic trainer as soon as possible so they can be taken care.

This post is about additional insurance you can get for very good prices. Some plans include: Full Time coverage PK-12, coverage while at home, at school, on weekends and on summer vacation; along with Extended Dental Coverage PK-12 and several other plans. Benefits as well as information regarding the other plans can be found at this link: Student Accident Insurance (<– Click Green Link) You can also go on line to: www.sas-mn.com ( <– Click Green Link) and go to the K-12 School Look-up. Likewise the athletic trainers at the high schools, maybe some middle school coaches will have the flyers that are posted in the link for Student Accident Insurance above. This is a great group of folks, FWISD Athletics have been working with them the past six years and just signed on for another six years of service and coverage. If you have any questions you can log onto their website above or you can call them directly at their offices in San Antonio at (210)366-4800 or Toll Free at 800-366-4810.

Again, nothing has changed with coverage for middle school and high school athletes who participate in athletics for FWISD, that accident insurance plan is still in place. This is simply additional insurance you can purchase for your young students and or additional coverage for at home and summer time. All the plans and benefits are in the links above. And the Athletic Trainers at the FWISD high schools have these flyers and probably some middle school coaches as well.