Bulldogs News · Congratulations to Northisde on their playoff history, program going the right direction behind Coach Turner and amazing Athletic Training Staff!

Since I have been with the district, I started back in August of 2004, there have been two things you could always bet on in regards to Northside. First of which, Paul Dula who is one of their athletic trainers, will be there behind the scenes helping out anyway possible taking care of his athletes and waiting to offer a helping hand to any student athlete. Second thing is Northside’s No Quit Attitude! Regardless of the sport, regardless of their opponent the student athletes of Northside never quit and give everything they can. Coach Turner, a former TCU football player came in five or six years ago and started turning this program in the right direction and this year after not making the playoffs since 1979, they faced off against Wichita Falls in the Bi-District Round at Farrington Field as Northside not only made the playoffs but finished second in their district. It was awesome to see the stands full and the overall buzz that Northside Nation has become. They will be a force to be reckoned with, and personally I will be cheering for them unless Trimble Tech finds their way back into the 5A Classification, other than our head to head games. . . . Let’s Go Steers!

Can’t help but return just for a second to the Sports Medicine side aspect of Northside, Paul Dula started at Northside back in the 1999-2000 School year. So if my math is correct, thank you for your 20 years of service and taking care of the students and Northside and FWISD. Couple years ago Krystal Esparza joined Paul and together they have done an amazing job taking care of all the athletes over at Northside. Usually the first to the school or games, always bringing up the rear, and usually last to leave Mr. Dula and Ms. Esparza have created an amazing Athletic Training Program at Northside High School to accompany their playoff caliber football team.

Congrats to Coach Turner, Mr. Dula and Ms. Esparza, the football coaching staff and players, and all of Northside Nation on their playoff appearance. I know it did not turn out as we all had hoped, but no doubt you will be back in the future. Congratulations on a Great Season!