Bulldogs News · Last second shot doesn’t fall for Crowley, Lady Bulldogs come away with a one point victory 54-53. Pictures and schedules

The night started out great with games starting early compared to the normal delayed start waiting on transportation. The JV started little after 5:30 and they got into the third quarter before a leak from an AC unit caused a halt to the game. The freshmen game didn’t start until 6:00 so they started a rolling clock, we picked up JV were they left off from the outside gym with a running clock, then started the varsity game. Despite the change from their usual gym, the Lady Bulldogs traded shots all night long in a really close game. It came down to a last second attempt by Crowley that came agonizingly close to falling and winning the game but it bounced off the rim and to the floor. The Lady Bulldogs pulled off the 54-53 victory heading into tournament play this Thursday and Friday before the break. The following dates are remaining home games for the Lady Bulldogs:

Nov 26 (Just varsity) vs Uplift Hamilton Prep. 5:00 pm
Dec 10 vs Sam Houston
Dec 13 vs Arl. Martin
Dec 31 vs Arl. High 11:00/12:30
Jan 7 vs Paschal
Jan 10 vs YWLA
Jan 14 vs North Crowley (Teacher Appreciation Night)
Jan 28 vs Arl. Lamar (Parent Appreciation Night)
Feb 4 vs Arl. Bowie
Feb 11 vs YWLA (Senior Night)

Full Schedule (including the boys schedule): Basketball-Schedules1

Come out and support the Lady Bulldogs this season, please be aware that YWLA is also their home games at Trimble Tech and there are several dates which parking might be a little tight around Tech High School. There is a story on this website with those dates if you want to check that out. Here are the pictures from the girls game against Crowley. Pictures start off with the JV game before a few of the freshmen game before we pick up with the varsity game.