Bulldogs News · Updated – Celebration of Life Service plans finalized. Saying “See you later” to our beloved colleague, friend, Coach, Dad, Ohio State/Tottenham Super Fan. . . Mr. Brad Bales

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, and loved ones to come together and to give thanks for what you have. If you knew Brad Bales, you know he did things his own way and in this way he has seemed to have done that again. Our colleague, friend, Coach, dad to many, Ohio State and Tottenham Super Fan, and long time Tech Bulldog passed away peacefully in his chair surely watching some soccer match November 21st, 2019. So his family, friends, and loved ones will come together and give thanks for knowing him.

A Celebration of Life Service for Brad Bales will be held
Wednesday, November 27th at
Shannon Rufe Snow Funeral Chapel
Visitation and reception with light buffet will begin at 5:30
Celebration Service will begin at 7:00 pm.

Brad Bale’s Obituary

What can you say about Mr. Brad Bales, he marched to beat of his own drum! I was scrolling through pictures knowing I wanted to help get word out to his many children he coached and mentored over the years and came across this photo. Back in the day little Bulldog statues were given out to employees who had done a great job and they were “suppose to be returned”, well someone didn’t get that message.

Brad was always one to have his own look whether from his dress or his crazy hair with the business look up front and the party in the back, it was always marked on his calendar for his yearly haircut and he would talk about it. Who could forget his favorite student, all you had to do was look on his facebook account while he was at Tech cause that student was whichever student had brought him tamales or some other treat. On Campus Suspension was more like the Bales Lounge where his minions would come hang out cause Brad was just that type of guy.

I use to check his facebook status to see who he was cheering for so I knew who would win, more times than not it was the team he wanted to win. Often heard stories from Brad I took “Susie” to the tracks and they won, upon asking how he did. . . he just put his head down and walked away. He had his two teams, Tottenham and the Ohio State Buckeyes and often would post the picture of the “Tottenham Till I Die”. Who is he trying to fool, we all know he is too stubborn so if you watch Spurs matches from this point forward and something just happens to fall their direction, you know it is Brad doing his thing.

I am going to try and do something, as I know it is Thanksgiving Break coming up and a lot of his kids/former students are now in college or past that and might have plans of your own with your families. If you have a short Bales (reminder this is a school website) story or simply kind words you will like shared if you will be unable to attend the ceremony, email me at Jason.braud@fwisd.org with the subject line “Brad Bales” and I will do what I can to add it below. Check back from time to time to see if any stories have been added. Again, once arrangements are finalized I will update that information above. To all who know him, thoughts and prayers to all. We will see you later and sit down and catch up with your thoughts on Ohio State and Tottenham.

From your loved ones Brad:

This story is from his Buddy Chef Bruton as I went down to grab lunch. To understand Brad at Tech, he was getting food EVERYDAY from students thus he had A LOT of favorite students. Well on days he didn’t have food he would always email down what was in the kitchen in his own unique way. In one particular email he wrote:

Brad’s last will and test and testament:

(Since I’m going to die of starvation)

I hereby bequeath my tape dispenser to Natasha.

And here it is, upon his retirement Chef Bruton was bequeathed a tape dispenser along with numerous emails throughout the years:

Thanks for sharing your stories Chef Bruton!