Bulldogs News · Trimble Tech Culinary Arts department not turkeying around, gets on national menu! Three young ladies will be published before graduation!

Trimble Tech will be in the national spot light again, this time thanks to a group of young ladies from Trimble Tech’s Culinary Art’s department. A group of three young ladies: Paola Martinez, Kimberly Sanchez, and Miriam Perez came up with the tasty creation. Over the Thanksgiving holiday they received notification they won the Kid Fit Invitational with Grub Kitchen & Bar! Their Turkey Zucchini burger will be on the menu nation wide in the spring. They are all thrilled to be selected for this honor.

Winning announcement clip

If you see these ladies, please congratulate them on their achievement. They will officially be published before their high school graduation and be on menus for Grubs nationally! I will update this post as they continue in the next phases of this competition and honor. I asked Chef Bruton a bit more about the turkey burger and she sent me a response from Miriam Perez. Miriam is a young lady who is headed down the path of stardom and will likely be in an Alumni Watch in the near future. Some of her accolades are that she has been to FCCLA Nationals twice now in in Entrepreneurships and Culinary Mathematics winning third in the Nation over the summer. Third in the nation!


She is also a recipient of the academic sweater and is part of the Art Club participating in dual credit opportunity this year. She also won the Iron Chef earlier in the school year and earned a laptop at that competition. Miriam is having a great run in the culinary world here at Tech! Here is the exert from Miriam.

“My team and I came up with the Turkey Buddy burger because we wanted to stay true to Grub’s cuisine while still tying the recipe back to Kids Fit’s purpose, a healthy lifestyle. To decide what ingredients we would use we went over our initial thoughts for what we wanted to incorporate in our burger with our assigned nutritionist, Jill. During our prep time, I weighed the ingredients of the patty  and made sure all the equipment was in the correct place for an easy flow when we executed. My favorite part of this event was executing our dish and hearing the judge’s feedback.”

The Culinary Arts departments has put out great students as well as awesome food on a regular basis and looking forward to trying this burger when it makes another appearance here at Trimble Tech.