Bulldogs News · April Alumni Watch (little bit early) – Ashley Ogg

This is a little bit early but figured we could all use a little positivity in our life. We are in uncharted waters and to get through this we will need to ban together. With that, here is a little bit early, the April Alumni Watch.
I have said before that one of the advantages of social media is being able to watch former students grow into brilliant young adults with families and lead productive lives. That is why I started the alumni watch back when and even though Fort Worth ISD is currently shutdown the Alumni Watch must continue. In this time of worry, as many have said we need to come together and help one another out. I had been thinking about spotlighting April’s Alumni Honoree for sometime, to be honest with everything going on it was at the top of my list. I was scrolling through Facebook and there was a post, found out later it was a trend, but this young lady with a young family of her own was offering assistance to anybody who needed it.
This from a young lady, who I remember being in my wife’s class at Trimble Tech, as my wife had sent out a class supply list and this young lady came up with her mom asking about the list to make sure cause at the time they wanted to make sure they got what was asked of her. From a student back then, to a young mother of a beautiful family, and running a business of her own. . . . the April Alumni Watch Honoree is Ashley (Swindle) Ogg. Offering to help those, who in this time, she is willing to help others, here is a further look at Mrs. Ashley Ogg.
*What year did you graduate?
*What was your major?
Graphic design
*Where you a part of any teams or groups?
Just choir
*What were some of your favorite memories back in your high school days?
Getting to school early to always have my parking spot
*Who were some of the teachers that impacted our life back then, anyone from elementary through high school?
Mr. Bosillo
Mr. Martin
Mrs. Powell
(Trimble tech teachers)
*When were your future goals when you were in high school? Did you see yourself where you are today?
One of my goals was to go to the Art institute. Many things have changed since having children. The things I now want to pursue, never crossed my mind in high school.
*Do you think Trimble Tech prepared you for life after high school?
Yes, it prepared me for interacting with people along with having a good work ethic.
*If you could give any seniors any advice what would it be?
Never stop pursuing knowledge. Whether it’s how to bake or cook different foods, learning a trade like electronics or plumbing, or really just anything.
*How did you come up with the idea of creating your own bread company?
I’ve been making bread for a while now, then decided to start trying new breads and loved it. I had many friends and family tell me to start a business so they could start buying them from me.
*Looking back, do you wish you had gotten into culinary program?
I thought about it, I really wanted to take on graphic design, though. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t my thing. It was really cool to have so many opportunities, such as the culinary program, it’s just hard to know what your passion will be once life gets ahold of you.
*What is your bread business called? Where/how can folks look it up to place orders?
Ashley’s bread
Ashleysbread.com has the different kinds of breads I make, along with a form you can place an order through.
I make many breads allergen friendly.
*Are you still making bread with the virus shutdown going on?
I am, just mainly for my household and people in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I stopped taking outside orders due to Covid-19, but if bread starts going the way if toilet paper, I have the knowledge, skill set, and equipment to get bread for those in need.
*What are some of your favorite breads you have made in the past?
My favorite is roasted garlic and rosemary artisan, and for my sweet bread, I love my strawberry banana. My husband and kids love my Focaccia bread.
*Where do you see yourself, your family in ten years?
Enjoying life, visiting craft fairs, and enjoying the time with my family as much as possible. Hopefully in a house with a bigger kitchen.
*With what is going on in the world today, what would you tell those high school students? What would you tell/ask of your neighbors?
-embrace kindness and happiness, over fear and hate
-be a person you can be proud of
-let this be something that can bring us together (metaphorically) and not something that breaks us. Times are hard, and they will probably get harder, but if we work together and live responsibly, we can overcome whatever the world throws at us.
*Anything you would like to add?
Stay strong, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be afraid to offer help in a safe and socially responsible way.
I would like to take this time to thank Ashley for taking time to answer these questions. I would also like to encourage those who are at risk in this time to ask for help if you need anything. I would also ask parents to be patient as Fort Worth ISD is working to get things up and running for its students. A reminder for those students who are in need of meals, you can click on this link for information: Link for FWISD meals for students (breakfast and lunch) . Please continue to watch this website as well as FWISD social media outlets for the latest information regarding COVID-19. Please be safe and reach out if you need any assistance. Thank you