Bulldogs News · Student athlete at home information/workouts, be ready to show the everybody you are a Bulldog! “Who be you?!?”

I hope this finds everybody in good health and following the guidelines that Mayor Price and the CDC have published. I would also like to say if you are seeing this and have not reset your password, contacted your teachers if you are a FWISD you need to do so now. I am posting this to make sure FWISD athletes, especially Bulldogs, to give you things to do at home to stay in shape and make sure you are taking care of yourself during this time. I have emailed our coaches and if I get specific workouts those will be posted at the bottom of this as well so please check back on a regular basis. Wrestling was posted below 3/28/2020, football was posted 3/29/2020. These videos were all found on YouTube with just a quick search so if you don’t like these specific videos please feel free to search for videos on your on. Please understand, whether doing these videos or direct workouts sent by your coaches, ANY FWISD STUDENT ATHLETES WHO ARE INJURED DURING THIS TIME WHO ARE NOT DIRECTLY SUPERVISED BY FWISD STAFF WILL NOT BE COVERED BY OUR ACCIDENT POLICY SHOULD YOU GET HURT. With that being said, if you are injured and need assistance to get seen, with that understanding please feel free to reach out to your coaches and/or athletic trainers. Why we are on the topic of getting scene by healthcare folks, please be aware that the JPS School based clinics have all closed. JPS school based clinics closed Throughout this post, when you see text in a different color and underlined you can click on it for that information or on the video itself. Before we get to the actual workout videos here is one with some basic precautions about COVID-19.

As far as nutrition goes, I know that for some FWISD was a source of meals for many of our athletes, you can to Fort Worth ISD webpage for more information but here is the link for FWISD Meals to go: FWISD Meals to go Information and here is a brief video about nutrition.

Again folks, these type of videos can be found easily by searching YouTube and these are just a few that I found. If I get updates from our coaches they will be posted at the bottom of these videos.

Again, first and foremost, if you are seeing this and you have not reset your student password and got in touch with your teachers please do so right away. Teachers have already put assignments up on the web for you to do. As I get specific workouts from coaches those will be loaded below. Please stay safe and if you need anything please reach out to your teachers, coaches, or athletic trainers and we will do what we can to help you out. Hope to see you soon.

Wrestlers, this is the information I got from Coach Homer:

Wrestling Boys and Girls 
Wrestlers must sign in Everyday to itslearning in comments section, when doing your HOME Work-Out. 💪
: Its like Weighing In!
9th Grade Boys Wresting 1 AB
10th Grade: 2 AB
11th Grade: 3 AB
12th Grade: 4 AB
Work Outs are on itslearning, Just click the picture!
There will be a Test when school starts again!
Football players, this is the information I got from Coach Henry: