Bulldogs News · A special Thank You to all of our athletes but especially to our Seniors!

I wanted to post something acknowledging our athletes, especially our seniors that were going to compete during the spring sports. Yall have worked really hard to get to this point in your high school athletic career and COVID-19 comes around and like that your season, for the time being, has been cut short. I am sure by now everyone has seen everythign that the Senior Class of 2020 has gone through and that just goes to show how strong your character already is. There is nothing I can say that will bring back the season you didn’t get to finish or the memories you would have had if you still been in school. I can be cliche and pull up all kind of quotes but the one that comes to mind is from the movie Cool Runnings, the Disney Movie about the Jamican Bobsled team. At one point in the movie one of the athletes, Derice Bannock as his Coach Irv why he cheated when he was an ahtlete. Irv in a round about way says “Derice, a gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you’re not enough without one, you’ll never be enough with one.” My point having the chance to see all of yall compete, yall are ready for the real world. Despite not having the chance to walk off the soccer field one more time, round those bases one last time with your loved ones watching, hearing that gun go off one more time to cross the finish line Trimble Tech is so very proud of you and everything you put forward in your athletic careers at Tech. You gave everything you had to Trimble Tech, your coaches, and your teammates. To all those seniors who had the chance to have your senior night before we were put on extended leave, we thank you.

For those athletes who were still competing and were unable to finish their seasons and have those days/nights this is just a small thank you and recognition for your hard work and dedication. Below are a list of the Spring Sports that were ongoing and were unable to finish off your careers.

Boys Soccer
Alberto Galicia
Eduardo Lopez
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jesus Roldan
Jesus Ruiz
Gil Zarate

Girl Soccer
Yadira Acosta
Kenia Anguiano
Sofia Guerrero
Angel Martinez
Alia Lorenzo
Melanie Pulido

Rachel Jaloma – Singles
Jennifer Lorenzano – Singles
Maria Martinez – Doubles
Stephanie Escalante – Doubles
Andrea De Leon Gomez – Doubles
Angelica Ramos – Doubles
Guillermo Romero -Singles

Girls Track
Jada Jackson

Boys Track
Sharif Ahmed

Zahira Wilson
Denise Guerrero
Andrea Zaldivar

Anthony Hernandez
Erick Hernandez
Jorge Lara
Elijah Medina
Isaiah Ortiz
Armando Ramirez
Jose Rodriguez
Millie Matos


A special thank you to ALL of our senior athletes but especially those listed above. Coaches, if I have missed anybody or if there is anything you would like to say to your group of seniors (fall or spring sports) please shoot me an email and I will post them. If you have pictures of them shoot them as well. All of Trimble Tech, Mr. Ramos, your coaches, your teachers are so very proud of your efforts. Our fingers are crossed this will pass and we will get to see you walk the stage. If not, you are set to go forth into the world knowing you’ve walked the halls of Trimble Tech High School and you will always be a Bulldog. “Who Be You!?!?”