Bulldogs News · Updated w/Link to Go Fundme: A BIG Thank You to some of our UNSUNG HERO’S during this COVID-19 pandemic!

One of the social media videos I love to watch is “Returning the Favor” hosted by Mike Rowe on Facebook, in those videos the show always gives those unsung hero’s more than just a THANK YOU and documenting their hard work and dedication. In this time, although I don’t have the extra, I wanted to spot light some of our Bulldogs that are doing things to make a BIG difference in these times. If you have stories of faculty, students, or alumni that are giving back and deserve a THANK, please feel free to email me at Jason.braud@fwisd.org with the subject line being UNSUNG HERO’s and I will add any stories to this list. This is Doc Braud’s Returning the Favor!

First of all, I want to send out a BIG thank you to those Bulldogs who are still working! Mr. Badger and the rest of the custodial staff that keep Trimble Tech running and looking so nice are still at Trimble Tech through out the week making sure everything is still in working order and things have been cleaned. Thank you to you and your staff, Mr. Badger! A big shout out to our cafeteria staff as well as all of the cafeteria workers in FWISD who are working daily throughout the district to continue to feed our students breakfast and lunch. Thank You for taking care of our students nutritional needs. Thank you to Bill Navarre, Tech’s Officer liaison, and Officer Lane as well as other liaison’s and FWISD officers who are working those meal distribution sites making sure and interacting with our students. Year round this group are unsung hero’s but more so now, so Thank You!

When I put out the request for unsung hero’s, a couple students immediately were brought to my attention.

Juan Munoz is a former student who is in the process of becoming a nurse, he currently works over at Harris as patient transport and is just as much in the mix as all the other health care workers. He has come leaps and bounds since his time at Tech. Definitely made the teacher very proud who brought him to my attention. Please stay safe Mr. Munoz!

I am in the process of trying to track down more information on this second student, from the information I have been given, Hugo Ceja who is a senior did an online fundraiser to purchase masks for JPS staff. A senior, someone who potentially has had numerous events taken from him his senior year are looking to help others instead of wondering what it. If I get more information to include a link update that here as soon as I get it. Thank you Mr. Ceja for your outstanding gesture and efforts to assist those at JPS. Update – Hugo I have been told has raised over $1,000 dollars allowing the purchase of 200 KN95 masks for healthcare professionals at JPS. From what I understand he has another project in the works. Keep up the great work sir!

Got a chance to chat with Hugo and he raised $1160.13 dollars to purchase 200 masks. He saw it as a humble opportunity to spur help for a local hospital. Mr. Ceja is currently working on an online fundraiser for more widespread cooperation to aid with more PPE for JPS and he is also in talks with CEPI to see if the public can donate to their work with theraputics and vaccines. As soon as Mr. Hugo gets those I will update this with those. When he could be/should be worried about senior activities (could be still) but Hugo is leading an awesome campaign to help JPS! Thank you sir!

Updated, Hugo has started a GoFundME link to assist  JPS, the link can be found below. I know these are tough times, but every little bit helps: Hugo Ceja – GFM to JPS Supply Fund Help & Solidarity Fund

In this time, a lot of folks were relying on church as a place to focus and a place to find peace. When the word came down that church services in person were canceled my thoughts went to Ann Wood who has played the piano for Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Arlington for the past 22 years. Those of you who know Ann and all she does for Trimble Tech you would not be shocked to know, yes she is still playing virtually on Sunday’s as well as this Holy week. Holy Thursday at 7, Good Friday at 3, Holy Saturday Vigil at 8:30, and Easter Sunday at 10. By no means am I trying to push religion on anybody but those looking to listen into a service and check out the wonderful Ann Wood on piano you can go to: Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and watch their streaming services. Thank you Ann for keeping on and giving your parish that normalcy!

I was on Facebook when I got this idea, the big thing that the medical field needs right now are PPE, personal protective equipment – not previous participation evaluation which I thought it meant for a while as an athletic trainer. I was scrolling and came across a request for the use of sewing machines from Coach Aimee Lanter. Her mom who is a nurse was working of a very old sewing machine and they were cranking out masks as fast as they could but the sewing machine they had simply was giving it everything they had. They now have two stronger machines and now Aimee and her mom are cranking out masks.

Virginian Dean, our testing coordinator, has also been busy making masks as to date she told me she has made around 80 or so. Her masks have gone to other Bulldogs, around Texas, Georgia, Colorado, Kentucky, and to her local post office workers.

A BIG Thank You to yall for all your hard work and efforts in making masks to keep those folks safer!

Now I know the Rest of the story: So upon asking for more information, the Lanter team has made around 200 masks to date but found how this all came about. An old friend of Coach Lanter had put out a plea for masks as her friends work wasn’t providing them but requiring them to be at work. Coach Lanter reached out to Ms. Dean and that morning Ms. Dean had cranked out 20 on the spot. Coach Lanter got the pattern and this TEAM took off. Only goes to show ask and you shall receive. Yall are wonderful and Ms. Dean whipping out the first 20 for Coach Lanter’s friend, job well done.

And the stories come flooding in, add Tonya Myers to the group who has made masks. Ms. Myers has made a bunch for a nursing home. A special thanks to her daughter as well as she is working in a lab running all those COVID-19 samples. In one day alone they ran through 3200 samples! Please thank her for all her work Ms. Myers!!!

As a Technical School and having an HST program I am sure there are countless Alumni over the years who are out there risking their own health taking care of those who are sick. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your colleagues!

A special THANK YOU to all medical professionals as well as first responders out there. Thank you to our Mayor in Fort Worth, Mayor Price and your staff with the hard decisions keeping up safe in the city of Fort Worth. A big Thank you to Dr. Scribner, all the Board Members, as well as Mr. McGinley (a former Trimble Tech HST Teacher and Coach) who is now in the Safety and Security, and all the other essential staff who are still working to keep us going, THANK YOU!

A thank you to all those in the Trimble Tech staff who got all of our students up and running with at home learning as well!

Again, you know of students/faculty/alumni doing great things in helping others out in this time please email me at Jason.braud@fwisd.org with the subject line “UNSUNG HERO’s” and I will add them to this story. Everyone please be safe and if you are current students at Trimble Tech and if you need ANYTHING please reach out to your teachers or admin and we will do what we can to help. If you don’t have their contact info you now have my email with the subject line “Tech student request” and I will direct that to someone who can.

Please stay safe and we can’t wait to see to see everybody when this blows over.

Post script, I ask to have this story posted on the Returning The Favor Effect page and now folks nation wide are reading and liking the things our Bulldogs are doing!