Bulldogs News · A THANK YOU to our retiring Teachers and Staff

I set foot on the Trimble Tech Campus in August of 2004 and Mr. Ramos told me that Tech was a family, I have learned that very thing over the past 16 years of being on campus. We take care of one another and teachers that come from other schools always say Tech is the best place they have ever worked. This year, to say the least is a little bit different, normally we have our end of the year luncheon in which the retiring teachers are honored and we all get to say our “see you laters”. Believe the plan is still to do the same when we are back together in August, in the meantime I wanted to put together a little something for Bulldogs who are retiring this year: Ann Wood, Carla Burns, Donna Skates, Phyllis Torres, and Michael Kessler. If I have missed someone please let me know and I will add you/them to the list as I don’t want to miss anyone.

Ann Wood – My work mom and a lady who had put in 38 years into the teaching profession, there are many things that Ann Wood didn’t do for Trimble Tech over the years. From playing the piano at graduation and ceremonies, running the social media accounts, taking pictures at numerous events. Nothing she couldn’t and wouldn’t do for her students. You will be missed!      Doc

Ann, Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend. You will always hold a special place in my heart for your guidance and support for my son Phillip when he was in your class. May you enjoy your retirement and all the blessings that it brings.      Shawnette Gilliam

For Ms Wood,
Thank you for always being so kind and welcoming to me from the get go! I’m sure your kitty cats are happy they have you all to themselves. Congrats on your retirement!      Monica Ortiz

Carla Burns – Not only is Mrs. Burns a wonderful teacher but she also is/was an amazing Coach for many years. When she was hired on at Tech it was to be just a teacher until a coaching spot opened up and a short time frame so she stepped in to help out the athletes at Trimble Tech. Her willingness to help out when need was greatly appreciated. I had the honor of helping her pack some things up and she said she is very much looking forward to doing a lot of retirement after 40 years of being in the education profession. You as well ma’am will be missed.     Doc

Carla, We have shared so many special times from coaching to being the ELA Content Teacher assigned to YMLA with my son Christopher. I will always cherish our friendship and will miss your thoughtfulness and support. Enjoy this next chapter of your life.      Shawnette Gilliam

Mrs Burns, your friendly face and smile will be missed. Thank you for always being so kind to me and especially to the students. Enjoy yourself and all that life has offer to the fullest!     Monica Ortiz

Donna Skates – Mrs. Skates came to Tech the same time I did and in the early years, Tech went through it all and Mrs. Skates never missed a beat. She has been an integral part of the HST program from the beginning and helped see A LOT of students receive certifications as they went out into the medical field before the left Tech. The HST program/Trimble Tech won’t be the same without you.     Doc

Donna, Thank you for your support and patience of our students. I wish you the very best as you enter retirement. I am sure Brian is excited about having all of this time with you!! Take care!!      Shawnette Gilliam

Mrs. Skates, one of the first faces I’d see in the morning and one of the last I’d see in the afternoon. Hope to see you again in the future at one of the many local music events our fine city has to offer! Congratulations!     Monica Ortiz

Phyllis Torres – What is to say about a lady who is in the counseling department, as an athletic trainer I can say their jobs are often under appreciated. Working down in the corner of the building getting questions from teachers as to why this student is in my class, why do I have this many students in my class, why is this student being added to my class now, and so many more questions. Ms. Torres has been a Tech a good while as well and I know she will be missed. Best wishes on your future endeavors!     Doc

Phyllis, You truly have a heart of gold!! I have observed you sharing your heart and home with exchange students over the years. Thank you so much for all your support of our students!!      Shawnette Gilliam

For Ms Torres: Congratulations on your much deserved retirement! Thank you for all of the help you gave me and for your words of wisdom. I will always be grateful for having had the pleasure of working with you and just talking with you about life and our loved ones. Get all the rest and relaxation and be sure to squeeze in plenty of fun. You will be missed.      Monica Ortiz

Coach Michael Kessler – We won’t hold it against Mr. Ramos that he hired this wandering “YANKEE”, Coach Kessler’s own words, into the Bulldog family. Coach Kessler also took on many roles over the years from coaching football, taking on the National Honor Society, and knowing he was going to retire he took on being the golf coach his tail end of his 40 years in the education profession. Best wishes on your travels sir and hope you enjoy your retirement!      Doc

Michael, Thank you for all of your time and dedication that you have given over the years with the Senior Recognition Program. You have always been supportive and willing to assist in any way possible. I will miss you and your quick wit. Enjoy your retirement and try not to drive your wife crazy!!      Shawnette Gilliam

Mr Kessler, Now you have all the time to travel to Gettysburg and anywhere else you’d like! I’m so jealous! 🙂
Congratulations and I wish you the best!      Monica Ortiz
If I have missed anybody, please forgive me and let me know. Please email me and I will add you to the list. Likewise to the teachers and staff, if you would like to add to the comments to these folks simply email me and I will add your kind words so these folks can read them. Congrats to all of you and best wishes, once a Bulldog always a Bulldog so don’t be strangers.