Bulldogs News · National Suicide Prevention Week, what can you do to help?

The future is bright: a week of suicide prevention is a week of activities, conversation, and education with the purpose of reducing the stigma of mental illness and education not only students of FWISD, but all of Tarrant County about the warning signs of someone at risk of suicide. UV4C students also desire to spread the word that everyone matters, is welcomed in our community and “The Future is Bright!”

MONDAY Post a ‘green’ screen on all social media and use a green virtual background in classes and in your meetings to support mental health

TUESDAY Post pictures with hashtag signs (#bealifeline #myfutureisbright #brightfuture #youmatter) Use the hashtags on your virtual background in all classes and meetings. Post on Instagram @unitedvoices4change and @disrespectinok and on Twitter @disrespectinok Find us on Facebook INOK and UV4C

Wednesday Wear teal and/or purple to support suicide prevention! Talk about the warning signs of suicide everywhere. Share the Suicide Prevention Hotline number and Be A Lifeline to everyone at your school.

Thursday “Team up” against suicide, wear team apparel of your favorite team.

Friday Wear neon colors, college Tshirts, sunglasses or your future career clothing to celebrate your bright future!

United Voices for Change is a student led FWISD organization aspiring to use student voice to make a positive change on our high school campuses and in our communities, understanding that many of our peers struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide and seeing the tragic impact on our friends and the families of students who have died by suicide.

KNOW THE RED FLAGS WARNING SIGNS • Talks about dying • Feels hopeless • Doesn’t feel valued • Feels trapped • Unbearable pain • Focuses on death • Says goodbye • Shows despair • Withdrawn • Isolated from family • Isolated from friends • Sleeps too much or • Sleeps too little • Drug abuse • Alcohol abuse • Gives things away • Mood swings • Aggressive • Fatigued • Depressed • Anxious • Irritable • Uninterested • Humiliated • Lonely • Acts recklessly

BE A LIFELINE! If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide:

• TELL SOMEONE. A counselor, a teacher, an adult or a friend!

• Be a lifeline. Don’t leave the person alone!

• Listen to what they are saying or not saying.

• Look for warning signs.

• Get help. Know your limitations.

Friends 4 Life Hotline 817-469-8477 (Text or call)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800)273-TALK (8255)

MHMR-TC I-CARE Hotline 817-335-3022