Bulldogs News · Trimble Tech vs North Mesquite varsity football game information

Trimble Tech’s football season kicks off tonight as the Bulldogs are traveling to North Mesquite and Memorial Stadium with kick-off at 7:00 PM. As we are in the midst of Covid-19, Mesquite ISD has some information for everybody thinking about heading that direction.

North Mesquite vs Tech information

For those interested in going, NO tickets will be sold at the game site, they must be purchased online and there will be no passes that are accepted. Please see the link above for ticketing and health and safety guidelines. To get tickets you will need to download “Ticket Spicket” and use the access code is VISITORS-MEMORIAL. The maximum number of tickets per individual purchase is 5. Once a total of 2000 tickets are sold  the event will be sold out.

Most Mesquite ISD high school athletic events will be streamed live at Meridix Creative, Inc., which offers live streaming of high school athletics.