Bulldogs News · Everything you need to know about Trimble Tech and coming back to face to face instruction!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
In the next coming weeks there is going to be a lot going on and a lot of information will be sent out. I am going to do the best I can by posting as much information here that I can from updated Trimble Tech classrooms maps as there is still on going construction work going on and there are some new classrooms, to a video from Mr. Ramos, to and schedule (for the time being) of who is show up to Tech and when. As I get information it will appear near the top and everything else will simply go do. If it is posted here it is all important so please make sure you read over all of this information. If you have any questions please feel free to call the main school number to get further information.

Important message from Mr. Ramos covering a lot of information

School map with new classrooms
The Trimble building is over 100 years old so you can imagine there is some work that needs to be done from time to time. In this process some rooms have been moved around, so whether you are an incoming freshmen or a senior please take a look at your schedule and look to see where your classrooms are going to be if you are going to be coming to Trimble Tech for face to face instruction.
Trimble Tech NEW Classrooms  (<— Click on link for map with new rooms and room numbers).
New Classrooms and room numbers are in RED. Students will also see arrows on the floor noting which was traffic is suppose to flow, please pay attention and follow those arrows as they are abide by guidelines which we are to follow for everyone’s safety.

Important dates
October 5th – 9th grade students and any special education students who choose to return to Trimble Tech.
October 13th – 10th grade students return to Trimble Tech.
October 19th – Remainder of the students return to Trimble Tech.

Students will be broken up into two cohort groups and will be alternating days. One Group (Green Cohort: Students with last names A-L) will be in person Monday/Tuesday then virtual Wednesday/Thursday then they will alternate Fridays. The second group (White Cohort: Students with the last names M-Z) will be opposite of group one. A year long calendar will be posted as soon as I have it.

Schedule and Times
This shouldn’t be any different from the the students should have been experiencing up to this point. The only big change here for students who have been at Tech the past several years, to keep crowds down we are going back to two lunches and that is noted on your schedule and your teachers will assist you with this for those who will be face to face.

Tarrant County Information 
Trimble Tech, being in Tarrant County, will be following declarations and Executive orders that have been put forward by the appropriate folks. Those documents are here for you view that will be strictly enforced at Trimble Tech High School.

  1. The first document is entitled “Mask Ordinance Declaration”.  This is the declaration that extended the Executive Order requiring face coverings. Mask Ordinance Declaration
  2. The second document is entitled “COVID Community Update” is a FAQ page about mask requirements published by the City of Fort Worth. Covid Community Update
  3. The last document is entitled “Tarrant County Judge Executive Order” is the original mask ordinance signed by Judge B. Glen Whitley. Executive Order of County Judge B. Glen Whitley