Bulldogs News · FREE Injury Clinic information, clinics starting September 9th. Must have insurance claim form from athletic trainer along with paperwork in this post.

Its that time of year again when sports are getting going and injuries are going to happen. We are grateful that we have some awesome doctors in our immediate area that are offering up their services to make sure our athletes are taken care of. These clinics are free, however they ask that those student athletes attending see their athletic trainers first for the FWISD accident insurance claim form for follow ups and in case further testing is needed. Masks will be required at this time and only one guest will be allowed to go back with the injured student athlete at this time. The “Consent form” must be completed by the parents so notes/information can be given to the school and athletic trainer. We must receive a note for students be allowed to return to practice and or start rehab.

Consent form – Injury Clinic 2020, 2 pages

As Trimble Tech is not a neighborhood school, we are aware you are probably having students come in from many different areas of Fort Worth. You are free to choose any of these clinics that are the easiest for you to get to.

Injury Clinic- 2020 Bothwel fall Flyer

Injury Clinic- 2020 FWO fall Flyer- Singleton and Batterton

OSA Injury Clinic- Fall 2020Flyer

SOS 2020 Fall Injury Clinic Flyer

All of these clinics and doctors are totally awesome and we are thankful they are offering the FREE injury clinics this year. Check out the different clinics as some of them are offering different date and times and there are numerous different locations. Please remember masks are required and only one person will be able to go back with the student athlete. These clinics are FREE but they ask you see the athletic trainer prior to arrival for the FWISD accident insurance claim form for follow ups and further testing like an MRI. To save you time when you get there, the “Consent form” which is attached above can be filled out prior to you getting there. If you have any questions please feel free to ask your coach or athletic trainer.