Bulldogs News · Trimble Tech Volleyball honors their seniors with a win against OD Wyatt, prepares for play-offs with three games left!

The Lady Bulldogs honored their seniors Friday night with a three set victory over OD Wyatt (25-7, 25-16, and 25-16) to all but secure their position in the play-offs. The Lady Bulldogs have but three district games remaining this season traveling to South Hills this Tuesday then playing Saginaw back to back. The Lady Bulldogs, depending on where they end up in the district and their play-off opponent will be, will play November 19th or 20th. When Play-off information is known it will be posted on this website. The seniors that were honored will have their bio’s under their pictures below. Coach Rudolf would like to think the seniors and all of the girls for their hard work this season and look forward to the next couple weeks!

#14 Angela Hernandez was escorted by Anna Hernandez. Angela says I have been part of the volleyball program for four years. After high school I plan to attend TCU or University of Texas at Austin where I will spend my years pursuing to become a future dentist. I currently have a 4.1 GPA and my major is commercial photography. My favorite memory is playing kickball during the offseason on the field seeing one of the girls slip on the mud! My words of wisdom: I’d like to say I am truly grateful for the bonds I’ve made throughout my four years in volleyball. I have learned to cherish each and one of them. A big THANK YOU to all of my coaches for being so awesome and caring, love you all! Coach Rudolf thank you for all the great laughs and for being you!! Shoutout to Coach Chelsea for always being so positive and supportive! Also shoutout to Coach Hill  for being so kind and amazing, so grateful to have met you! Coach Irvin your personality is awesome, thank you for that! And Coach Eskridge/Garcia thank you, you are a beast at everything and so kind! To my volleyball sisters I love you all! Remember to love yourself, always. To the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, always be kind and humble to others, love you girls! Once again thank you TTHS Volleyball for all the great memories. It has been one of the best times in high school ever!

#12 Aurora Hernandez was escorted by Aurora Elizondo. Aurora says I have been in the volleyball program for four years. After high school I plan on attending TCU or UNT and major in marketing and after getting my degree I plan to move to California or New York and work for Instagram, Pinterest, or Tik Tok. My GPA is 4.0 and my major is photography. My favorite memory is when me and the seniors do a funny dance after winning a point at practices. Playing volleyball throughout my high school years has been the best thing I have ever done. I want to first thank the girls I grew up with for being so loving and caring. Lauryn, Alex, and Yaya I love yall so much and thank you for always making me laugh. Secondly I want to thank the coaches. Than you to all the coaches for being so patient with me and being there for me. I love yall so much. Finally for the rest of the girls in the program, never be afraid to step out of the box and remember  to always treat people with kindness!

#10 Lauryn Johhnson was escorted  by Tiffany Johnson and Boe Wright. Lauryn says I have been in the volleyball program for four years. My plans after I graduate are to attend the Air Force and have a career in emergency and trauma nursing. My current GPA is 3.4 and my major at Tech is Health Science Technology. My favorite memory would have be having the pleasure of playing with these beautiful girls and Coach Rudolf and learning new things every day. My words of wisdom are “Appreciate where you are on your journey, even if its not where you want to be. Every season serves a purpose.”

#5 Alexandra Moore was escorted by D Moore. Alexandra said I have been in the volleyball program for four years now. My plans for after high school is to attend college and pursue a career in nursing to become a registered nurse or an anesthesiologist. My current GPA is 3.8. My favorite memory was winning the North Crowley because we played together so well it was AMAZING. For my words of wisdom: Don’t ruin today by thinking about yesterday, let it go.

#1 Ayanna “Yaya” Boyd was escorted by Nadia Howard and Reginald Boyd. Ayanna has been part of the volleyball program for four years. She currently has a GPA of 3.1 and her major is culinary. After high school she plans on becoming a criminal investigator. Her favorite memory must be everyday with the team, everyday we get a new personality out of each other and its’ just nice to see the other side of your teammates and coach!!! My words of wisdom to my teammates are face your deficiencies and acknowledge them. But do not let them master you “Every game is an opportunity to measure yourself against  your own potential, so don’t be afraid.”

Manager Esme Galaviz was escorted by Leo Hernandez and Selena Galaviz. She says she has been a part of the Trimble Tech Volleyball Program for the last three years. I currently have a GPA of 3.8 and plan to go to college for pre-med. My favorite memory I have while being part of the program was the playoff game from 2018 when I was excited to go be part of the team picture that I didn’t see a ball and almost fell in front of EVERYONE. My words of wisdom for the team are “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”