Bulldogs News · Our Covid-19 crew, Nurse Helms and Mr. Ramos deserves a BIG Thank You and our appreciation for keeping Tech safe!

This summer on July 27th I stepped on campus not knowing what I was getting into not knowing how we were going to keep our athletes safe. Trying to figure out protocols and safety procedures was and still is a massive feat. Normally the first of every month we spotlight alumni members who are doing great things in our community. I am changing things up a bit, sitting here at home finishing up my quarantine I have a greater respect for those who are responsible for implementing the District Covid-19 Protocol.

My job as the athletic trainer is normally very involved with injuries and getting them back playing with a healthy status. With Covid-19 if I suspect or have heard our players might have been exposed an email is sent up the chain to Nurse Helms and Mr. Ramos, in our case to the athletic office as well. From there our Covid-19 crew do A LOT of work that I feel goes unnoticed, often times meeting several times a day making sure they both have the same information. One would have to think it is a job that would be related to working the loss luggage desk at the airport. They are not going to be dealing with a lot of happy folks yet they march on following protocols keeping everyone within the walls of Trimble Tech as safe as possible. It’s not a glorious job or one that brings a lot of accolades. Often times quite the opposite all the while still taking care of their other responsibilities to make sure the school is still running with students who are in person and virtually.

Sitting at home working from a Chromebook and not my usual desktop set-up, I miss being at my desk but understand the importance that Covid-19 is not spread. I truly appreciate both of you, as I am sure all of Trimble Tech does as well, all that you do in making sure Trimble Tech stays as safe as possible investigating every possible lead. Thank You both, it is truly appreciated by all of us!