Bulldogs News · A BIG THANK YOU to the Alumni Group for the classes of 1956-1963 (50’s & 60’s Alumni Groups) for your generous donation!

One of the things I look forward to every year working here at Trimble Tech is Homecoming or simply when Alumni come back to campus and you can listen to the stories. “When I was here it was like. . . . . ” or something along the lines of  “My how things have changed!” and of course the best of them all is seeing Alumni ask if so and so teacher is still here or recognizing folks they had back in their classes and their faces light up. This year due to Covid that didn’t happen. Trimble Tech did have an awesome surprise this week when Mr. Harold Alexander (acting AP) and Coach Mark Thomas got a chance to talk with James Herring (Class of 1960), Les Crocker (Class of 1957), and Neva Crocker (Class of 1957) as they came up to give Trimble Tech a generous donation.

They were representatives from the Alumni Classes of the 1950’s-1960’s, these groups closed out their alumni account and gave it all to Trimble Tech which was a total amount of $2,077.00. Mr. Ramos was not pictured but gave these kind words to the groups on their donation.

“We are very thankful for the donation by the Alumni Group for the classes of 1956-1963. They donated $2,077.00 to students and teachers in order to purchase any important items we may need during this pandemic. We appreciate the group for their continuous support over the years.”

We would like to wish the Alumni Classes of the 1950’s – 1960’s a Very Merry Christmas and a very big THANK YOU again for your donation. We wish all of our Alumni Groups a Very Merry Christmas as well and look forward to the day we can have our normal Homecoming Activities and we can have everybody roaming our halls again. Until that time, stay safe and we have just one questions for you. . . “I be a Bulldog, who be you ?!?!?!?”