Bulldogs News · ERACISM Week, April 26th-30th, let’s help Tech’s UV4C ERASE RACISM! Take the pledge!

ERACISM week is here! Attached is a flyer with each day’s theme, as we combat racism, along with pictures of some of our UV4C club members who are attempting to spread the message.

Eracism Flyer

Wednesday is Power of Connection, spark up a conversation and wear your Eracism shirt and mask!
Thursday and Friday is to Take Action! Take the ERACISM pledge! Join FWISD adn UV4C to pledge for a more inclusive, stronger future together!

Ms. Le Ann Kitchens is selling ERACISM masks for $10 that can be worn this week and T-Shirts for $10 Small – XL & $12 for XXL.


Proceeds go to UV4C.

If you are interested in purchasing either, please let me know, in addition to sharing your room number. If you are wanting a t-shirt, please also designate your shirt size. These will be delivered at my earliest convenience. If you are not at Tech and would be interested in buying either a mask or T-shirt, Ms. LeAnn Kitchens can be reached at leann.kitchens@fwisd.org. Again all proceeds go to the UV4C.