Bulldogs News · Updated w/registration link! FREE Sports Physicals – save the date, June 1st here at Trimble Tech High School.

I want to get this out early to everybody, with Covid-19 still around and FWISD still following protocols there won’t be mass physicals for the entire district. However, we are bringing FREE Physicals to Trimble Tech High School June 1st – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Mark you calendars now, all student athletes as per FWISD Athletic Policy have to have a yearly physical post marked after May 5th for the next upcoming school year. These physicals will be open to any incoming Trimble Tech students, current Trimble Tech students, and Young Women Leadership Academy athletes/cheerleaders who will be participating in athletics/band/or cheerleading for the 2021-2022 school year. Physicals will take place for those athletes during that “B” day, it will be worked out for student athletes who athletic periods on “A” days. Incoming freshmen, YWLA participants, and virtual students are welcome to come after school until 5:00 pm. More information will be posted as we get closer, registration will have to be completed. If you have questions please feel to reach out to me at Jason.braud@fwisd.org with “FREE Physicals at Tech” and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.


Registration is open and live, ALL students who are wanting to get a FREE physical MUST have their parents register them prior to June 1st. You will have to enter a phone number at which time a pin number will be sent to that number. There is a series of questions to be filled out by the students parents. On the last page they must give consent to get the free physical. Again more information will come as we get closer to June 1st but you must be registered to get a free physical and here is the link: Register for free physicals at Tech, June 1st


On June 1st, along with having the medical history portion of the UIL physical form (must be the most updated version, February 2021) filled out and signed by parents, there is a Covid Questionnaire that will have to be filled out and signed by parents as well. These forms will be available day of but again must be signed by parents upon students exam. They can be printed off prior to that time if need be, those questionnaires are as follows:
Sports Participation COVID Questionnaire
Sports Participation COVID Questionnaire Spanish

We are in the process of getting the UIL Physical/Medical History forms printed off to be able to hand out to the athletes here at Tech through athletic periods. The Medical History portion must be completed as well and signed by both the student and parent to obtain a physical on June 1st. For those virtual the UIL Physical can be found on this link: UIL 2021-2022 Med. History/Physical Form


If you/your student wear glasses or use contact, please make sure they have them on June 1st otherwise it may result in a failed physical.

Physicals obtained prior to May will expire on a calendar year of the exam or June 18th. Physicals obtained after May 1st, or on June 1st at FREE at Tech, will be good for the 2021-2022 school year. To participate in summer conditioning programs/open workouts you must have a current physical dated after May 1st.

List of dates and schools that are doing the free physicals, if you are attending Tech next year but live closer to these schools and would be easier for your family please make sure to make contact with them to get details. Likewise make sure you get a copy to bring to Tech.

-FW Carter-Riverside- May 24th, 27th
-FW Diamond Hill Jarvis- May 17th
-FW Southwest HS- May 21st

-FW Forest Oak Leadership MS- June 1st
-FW O.D. Wyatt HS- June 1st
-FW Trimble Tech – June 1st
-FW Arlington Heights HS – June 2nd
-FW North side HS- June 2nd
-FW Eastern Hills HS- June 3rd
-FW Western Hills- June 3rd
-FW South Hills HS/MS- June 4th
-FW Southwest Middle- June 5th
-FW Handley MS- June 7th
-FW William James MS- June 8th
-FW JP Elder MS- June 8th
-FW Meadowbrook MS- June 9th
-FW Morningside- June 10th
-FW McClung MS- June 10th
-FW Kirkpatrick MS- June 10th
-FW Young Womens Leadership Academy- June 11th

-FW Polytechnic HS- August 25th