Bulldogs News · Congratulations and best wishes to Tylan Wallace, South Hills Alum, who recently was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens!

As an athletic trainer you get to see A LOT of athletic events and from time to time you get to see amazing athletes participate for or against in your teams. Tylan Wallace was who graduated from South Hills back in 2017 is one of those kids who you could tell put in the time and from here what everybody was saying about this young man back then you knew he was going to make something of himself. Mr. Tylan Wallace is now on an NFL Roster! Baltimore Ravens Roster

I pulled up the schedule of the Ravens and it doesn’t appear that the Ravens will be making a trip to Texas this upcoming season but I am sure there will be plenty of folks watching and cheering on the Ravens this upcoming season!

Trimble Tech is joining everybody else cheering you on Mr. Wallace! Best wishes to you and your teammates this year, we look forward to the day that we can hopefully drive down to Arlington if the Ravens ever play the Cowboys! Congratulations for all your hard work and dedication you have put in over the years!